DA Investigated Los Alamitos Police Captain, Westminster City Clerk for Domestic Violence

Cities of Westminster and Los Alamitos

Los Alamitos Police Department Capt. Rick Moore and Westminster City Clerk Amanda Jensen were found dead Monday, July 17, when a police SWAT team entered a Seal Beach apartment hours after a distress call and reports of gunshots.

The District Attorney’s office investigated possible domestic violence in the relationship between Los Alamitos Police Department Capt. Rick Moore and Westminster City Clerk Amanda Jensen, but was unable to file charges against either despite Jensen’s multiple claims of physical assault, a DA spokeswoman said in a statement.

The DA’s office is aware of “several incidents” between Jensen and Moore and investigated two of those instances, spokeswoman Michelle Van Der Linden wrote Wednesday in an email.

The two incidents the DA’s office looked into included claims from Jensen that Moore assaulted her, her later repudiation of those allegations and claims from Moore that Jensen screamed at him and kicked his vehicle, which he said he captured on his cell phone.

The DA’s office was unable to file charges in either case because “allegations of domestic violence against Moore could not be corroborated.”

The two incidents the DA investigated occurred on June 8, 2016 and June 3, 2017. According to Van Der Linden, the first incident was reported to the Westminster Police Department through an anonymous letter. The letter requested an investigation into “potential domestic violence by Captain Moore against Amanda Jensen.” The department contacted the DA to conduct the investigation.

When speaking to DA investigators about the June 8 incident, Jensen stated Moore “never hit her” and instead claimed she injured herself during a “verbal argument,” according to the DA’s statement. Jensen’s injuries included bruises. But in that same interview, Jensen said Moore had “physically assaulted her” before and provided a photo of a bruise as evidence. Later that day, she “recanted her allegations” and said the photo was from another incident that did not involve Moore, according to the DA spokeswoman’s statement.

Moore denied ever hitting or injuring Jensen, Van Der Linden said in the email.

The DA investigated the June 3, 2017 incident after it was reported to the Garden Grove Police Department by a neighbor. According to the DA spokeswoman, when officers arrived, “Jensen was intoxicated and stated Moore slapped her once in the face.” Officers did not see any injuries, Van Der Linden wrote in the email.

When the officers interviewed Moore, he said Jensen screamed at him and kicked his vehicle as he tried leave. Moore said he caught the incident on his cell phone and provided it to the police.

According to Van Der Linden, the second incident was submitted to the DA “with both parties as potential defendants.”

But neither the first nor second case could be substantiated enough to file charges, she said.

“Therefore we could not file on either case as neither could be proven beyond a reasonable doubt,” Van Der Linden said in an email.

Jensen and Moore’s bodies were found early Monday in an apartment in Seal Beach following reports of gunshots and an hours-long SWAT blockade. According to Seal Beach Police Department Sgt. Michael Henderson, the shooter in last Sunday’s incident has not been identified. Seal Beach police are waiting on autopsies to determine the causes of death.

Jose Ochoa is a Voice of OC intern. He can be reached at joseochoa.voc@gmail.com.