• Dana Swart

    As our Country’s Fore Fathers said, “all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” I do not see Health Care in here at all. I am sorry but your right, stops at my obligation. As stated above I have an unalienable right to LIBERTY. The sweat of my brow should not pay for your failure to obtain insurance in whatever manner is available to you. It’s not just smoking and candy. Try stay in school, be studious, obtain a degree/certificate/marketable skill, so you can get a job to pay for your insurance.

    • justanon

      Universal healthcare would not be free, just like MediCare and MediCaid are something we all pay into and benefit from. It’s about WE the people, as a society, CHOOSING a better way for ALL of us.

      Instead of a for profit basic health care system, we’d have government based, basic health care system (just like MediCare, where you can choose to add on extra private insurance) paid for though our tax dollars.

      It is a matter of priorities, do you want some actual benefits from your tax dollars or do you want to funnel them all down the military rat-hole like we’ve been doing for the last 60-70 years? Look no further than all the 50 room mansions lining the Potomac owned by military contractors to figure out where our money is going.

      The notion that only the ‘deserving’ should get health care is not only noxious, it’s foolish. There will always be low wage/benefit workers, we need them and rely upon their labor and they deserve to able to go to a doctor. What if your fast food worker had some sort of highly communicable disease like TB or your local hospital closed because of all the unpaid bills? There are ramifications to rationing health care and none of them are good.

      Most folks are short-sighted, looking no further than today, but you never know what is coming your way. You could get a debilitating disease and be unable to continue your job, it happens to people everyday, first they make the COBRA payments, but what happens when COBRA runs out after 18 months? Right now, we have the ACA protecting most people from that scary situation, but if the Republican’s get their way medical bankruptcies will be back and people who get sick and don’t have insurance will die.

      Do you think you’d ever be able to retire if it weren’t for MediCare? With the repeal of “Obamacare” the annual out of pocket cost for health insurance for a 64 year old is predicted to be over $30,000 dollars ($16,000+ premiums and $15,000+ deductable and co-pays, meds not included).
      Could you afford that and more every year, year after year? If not, thank the government and your fellow tax payers.

  • Lyanna Lyns

    Spitzer is about to fall. His corruption and cowardice are about to become public record, thank god. Unless they do a fancy two_step, Moorlach, Bates, Nguyen, Nelson and many more will be tainted by their actions and links to this hot mess. Even the big mover in the OC GOP is involved. If you guys are smart, you will take advantage, and clean out some trash, and use this to slide a few folks into the BoS and some state senate seats. But if the OC Dems snooze, like they did with previous scandals, then they will be left in the dust…again. Wake up.