• verifiedsane

    Do you think anything has changed with the uncovering of the institutionalized corruption and criminal acts throughout the OC Sheriff’s department – Please think again…evil reins throughout OC government and their subordinates at Social Services, the DA’s office, The Sheriff’s, and pretty much everywhere else…


    “Five Orange County Sheriff’s deputies are on paid leave following the
    killing of a convicted car thief who shared a jail cell with an accused

    The Orange County District Attorney’s Office as well as the sheriff’s
    department are conducting separate investigations into the July 3 death
    of 27-year-old Danny Pham, who was serving a 180-day sentence for car

    Pham was found dead in his cell by a jailer making a food delivery. He died with less than a week left on his sentence”

    When there is absolutely no accountability for supposed public servants….nothing changes…..just keep ignoring the problem and institutionalized corruption citizen’s! You or someone you care about could be next…by then it will be far to late to speak out…

  • verifiedsane
  • Ed Romero

    Why should she, that former O C Sheriff didn’t Fire or Demote any of those Deputies that were having Sex with that 15 year Old Fire Scout that cost the Orange County Taxpayers a 9 MILLION DOLLAR Court Settlement, nor did he do anything to that Rapist Employee of his that was accused of Raping 4 Sheriff Department Females 2 of them while on duty, that cost the O C Taxpayers another 4.5 MILLION DOLLAR Court Settlement. Then was that Gang Rape, as to how much of the 21 MILLION DOLLAR Court Settlement cost the O C Taxpayers is unknown, and it’s unknown how many Sheriff Department Employees assisted that former Asst. Sheriff trying to cover up that Rape. Sheriff Department has a history especially under that former O C Sheriff of not doing anything to his Deputies. I remember reporting to my Officer Manager that AGAIN I caught our Deputy Sheriff/Security Guard having sex with another one of our Female Clerical Clerks at the Probation Department. My Officer Manager said she had a message for me from that former O C Sheriff and it was “It’s none of your business what my Deputies do when on duty, it’s not their fault that those PROMISCUOUS TRAMPS at the Probation Department can’t keep their feet on the floor and their panties up”. We got rid of that Deputy Sheriff and his replacement began doing the same thing.
    So you see I refused to follow County Policy “Keep your mouth shut and look the other way”. My actions cost me my job and almost my life. Now the Board of Supervisors what’s to install a Ethics Commission, what A JOB THAT WILL BE.

  • Daniel Lamb

    Why has VoiceofOC not reported on Sup. Todd Spitzer entering the race for DA? Why has VoiceofOC not reported on the DA’s investigation of Sup. Spitzer? If y’ll have, and I would obviously assume so, why is it not appearing when I visit your website? If you are as confused as I am with respect to all this, I’ll tag you guys on Insta with the screenshots.

    • LFOldTimer
      • Daniel Lamb

        Thank you for the reply. I check the webpage everyday and am very familiar with the interface. I suspect that the people behind this blog tailor content to certain users so as to serve some agenda. Let us never forget, this blog is in the pocket of government labor unions and a prominent plaintiff attorney/Democrat donor. Denying people news (or making it up) to serve your interests is the logical next step after skewing the news to serve your interests. ??‍♂️ Happy Friday.

        • LFOldTimer

          These are the questions you asked:

          “Why has VoiceofOC not reported on Sup. Todd Spitzer entering the race
          for DA? Why has VoiceofOC not reported on the DA’s investigation of Sup.

          I provided you with the links to the VOC articles that addressed both of those issues. And the content of those articles are consistent with what was reported in the OC Register. Were you able to receive and view those links? If so, you are not blocked from that content, as you previously questioned may be the case: “Does VoiceofOC ever use cookies, IP addresses or whatever (I’m not a tech guy), to tailor content towards specific users? Kinda like how Google tailors its advertising. Does Noberto Santana consider that consistent with his reputation, the law, or the spirit of the First Amendment?”.

          I agree that VOC leans to the left on some subject matter and has it’s biases. Unfortunately that’s not the exception but rather the rule with nearly all media sources today in America. Surely you’ve heard the term “fake news” before. The biggest problem with media is not what they report – but with what they omit to distort certain issues in favor of biased agendas. Journalism standards have declined substantially across the country to the point that they mimic what the Russians faced with Pravda back in the 1960’s.

          With that said, VOC provides its readers with significant value. I learn a great deal from the content on the website. The articles are intelligently written and Norberto has done a yeoman’s job at making his venture a success, as he’s been in business now for 5 years or longer. He deserves accolades for what he has accomplished.

          The trick is to separate the wheat from the chaff. I have learned to do that and I suggest that others try it too before tossing the baby out with the bathwater.

          • Daniel Lamb

            With all do respect, I believe my questions are unanswered. I was prevented from viewing articles through, I suspect, similar means as that which is deployed by email companies, search engines, and social media platforms. It is not hard to tailor a website’s content to specific user locations.

            Voice of OC does not lean left as much as lean towards its paymasters.

            With that said, I too have learned a great deal from the work of Noberto Santana.

          • LFOldTimer

            My belief is that even if such a feat is technologically possible that VOC would never engage is such a practice (which could be easily exposed) and risk it’s journalistic reputation and credibility.

            I have been known to argue vehemently against illegal immigration that VOC has a tendency to be sympathetic towards. I’m never blocked from articles with content associated with illegal immigrants.

            Personally, I can’t lend any support to such allegations.

    • Daniel Lamb

      Thank you for replying to my question on Instagram. Does VoiceofOC ever use cookies, IP addresses or whatever (I’m not a tech guy), to tailor content towards specific users? Kinda like how Google tailors its advertising. Does Noberto Santana consider that consistent with his reputation, the law, or the spirit of the First Amendment?

  • LFOldTimer

    Now Spitzer’s playing the tough guy!!! ha. He’s caught between a rock and a hard place. Since the police union is suing the Sheriff’s Department over this jail fiasco Spitzer had to choose to support one side or the other. He knows that Hutchens has one foot out the door and the other on a banana peel AND that Hutchens has already indicated that she won’t run for reelection in 2018 – so she’s the easy target. And Spitzer wants AOCDS campaign money for his run for DA. They gave Andy Do $86,000 for his recent supe relection bid and Spitzer knows there’s more moola where that came from. And he knows that if AOCDS throws it’s support behind T-Rack that it would significantly reduce his chances for a victory.

    Isn’t it strange that Spitzer jumped all over Hutchens for this jail escape boondoggle but failed to lay a glove on her over the illegal jail informant scandal. Heck, we’re talking about the very same jail that is operated under the management of Hutchens. But Hutchens only recently announced her declination to run for reelection. So this gives Spitzer more freedom to trash her.

    “When was this board told – ever – that it was human error and it was not a function of the default of the building? When were we told that?” Spitzer asked.”

    Hey Todd. You don’t have to be a farking brain surgeon to read between the lines and figure it out on your own like the rest of us did. You’re an attorney. When Hutchens blamed the escape on the building infrastructure you swallowed the bait hook, line and sinker despite ALL the evidence to the contrary that the overpaid keystone cops in the jail weren’t doing their basic fundamental jobs. Yet you said nothing. This caused the county TREMENDOUS nationwide embarrassment and hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of tax dollars. And lawsuits are still pending. You were asleep at the wheel too, Todd. You ignored the obvious. So don’t try to cover your tracks after the fact. You’re just playing more political games to benefit your run for DA.

    “And yet, no one’s been – no one got fired because they didn’t do their job,” Spitzer said. “So no one’s accountable at any level?” Spitzer asked.

    There you go again,Todd. Playing stupid. Cops are rarely demoted or fired for negligence or for wrongdoing. Point to one OCSD deputy who was fired for even one of the MANY million dollar plus settlements in the last decade that the innocent taxpayers were forced to fork over. You can’t. How many times do I have to tell you? Cops are held to a LESSER standard than the ordinary citizen. NOT a HIGHER standard – which is a total MYTH. You know that. You wore a uniform at one time. Stop playing dumb.

    “Commander Toni Bland, who oversaw the jail system during the escape, was promoted after the escape to assistant sheriff for field operations and investigative services. She served in that
    position for several months before retiring.”

    That’s what happens when OCSD management screws up, Todd. They get a BIG PROMOTION to boost that pension retirement check. That’s Sandra’s idea of punishment!!! LOL!!!

    IMHO the Tijuana Municipal Police Department has more integrity than OCSD. And the reason they act that way is because YOU and the other supervisors have turned a blind eye to their malfeasance and wrongdoing for years. You’ve conditioned them to behave like a department of Barney Fifes. All the sudden acting tough for your own political expedience is simply laughable and doesn’t pass the stink test.

    It would seem that the County of Orange would have cleaned up their act after the John Chamberlain murder in the county jail. The Supervisors hired Hutchens as a “change agent” and she’s turned out to be as rotten as Carona.


  • RyanCantor

    Accountability starts at the top.

    No consequences for the Sheriff– why should there be any for those who work for her?

  • mutheta

    Let me see if I understand this…
    Commander Toni Bland oversaw the jail system during the escape. After the escape she was promoted and then retired. Now she serves as the Chief of District Safety for the Rancho Santiago Community College District! What is wrong with this county?


    • zz

      I don’t understand why RSCCD would even hire Toni Bland. She brought her “boys” in from the Sheriffs Department and 2 of the 3 that she brought in are implicated in this mess!

      • mutheta

        LOL! You don’t understand why RSCCD would even hire Toni Bland? This is the same District that used taxpayer dollars to fund a project in Saudi Arabia and were reported by the Voice of OC to have engaged in “pay for play” schemes. What do you expect?

  • astar2b

    If the Sheriff was about 35 and needed the job, things would be different… LOL…

  • verifiedsane

    Where are the Federal criminal indictments shall we ask? This is exactly what a police state looks like citizens….zero accountability for corrupt public servants with a whole lot of diversion window dressing being played among the reining ruling class oligarchy…we now reap what we have sown by electing these self serving political animals time and time again…