• Infidel

    Well after watching Spitzer flounder with the Homeless Skid River situation in Orange, maybe another candidate is needed. Spitzer’s too worried about offending the ACLU to be any good as a DA.

  • LFOldTimer

    Hey, would somebody in the media please demand OCSD to tell us how Danny Pham died in jail. The man’s been dead for 2 months. Pham’s family and the public deserve some answers here. This is not North Korea where information can be buried at the whim of a dictator. There was only one other person who shared his cell. So the “ongoing investigation” doesn’t fly. Was Pham murdered or not?

    Norberto, would you drop a dime on OCSD and start nosing around. Somebody needs to keep on top of it. If somebody died in their jail they have an obligation to report the cause of death.

  • Paul Lucas

    Art least voters have a choice thats not mired in scandal.

  • LFOldTimer

    It makes me wonder why we don’t have more robust candidates with name recognition and strong hands-on experience in the criminal justice system running for DA.

    Perhaps there’s a pecking order in the legal system that punishes those who dare throw their hats into the ring and have the gall to challenge the Alpha dogs of the criminal justice system.

    You know, like how Karen Shatzle got her nose rubbed in it for having the hubris to challenge Steiner for a bench position.

    November 2018 would present an optimal opportunity for a long ball hitter in the OC courthouse to run against T-Rack or Spitzer who most would agree are ethically challenged. The voters are chomping at the bit for a decent candidate. Why are the good ones so scared to announce their candidacy? What’s holding them back? What’s to fear?

    Murdock has no better chance of lodging an upset here than does Mario Mainero. Zilch, nada, none. Neither would get over 12% of the vote. It’s just another distraction.

    Where have all the good men and women gone? Now is the time to come to the aid of your county.

    Judge Goethals…..are you there?

    • verifiedsane

      It appears that Mario Mainero had actually no intention of running for
      DA in the first place…He was just feeding us another serving of political subterfuge! Mainero is actually teaming up with Sleazy Candidate for DA Todd Spitzer to write late to the issue dance editorial op-eds for the OCR. Please note that Todd was completely silent when these DA and Sheriff’s shenanigans & crimes were actually happening for four long years. Let us also never forget that Todd had his lips firmly planted on Sheriff Sandra’s posterior right up until the time she endorsed her notorious partner in crime, DA T-Rex. http://www.ocregister.com/2

      • LFOldTimer

        Spitzer = Rackauckas.

        Vote for either one and you get the same outcome.

    • verifiedsane

      I really believe the best and most qualified candidates don’t want to get involved in the political mud slinging that no doubt will be the center of both the DA and Sheriff’s campaigns.

      • LFOldTimer

        Being DA of OC is a pretty prestigious job. And it could be a precursor to bigger and better things. Lawyers are generally ambitious people. There must be some in the criminal justice system with strong reputations and clean backgrounds who would want to challenge the Alpha dogs who have very vulnerable histories. I’m surprised that the only ones who’ve shown any interest are the ones who don’t have a snowball’s chance in Hades of pulling off a victory. It makes me think that the system keeps them in their places. Like I said, look what happened to Shatzle. She didn’t have the blessings of the overlords and apparently paid a price for it.

        The code of silence in these organizations obviouslys indicate how peer pressure on the inside keeps everyone in their place.

        When’s the last time you heard a DDA or a cop publicly badmouth another DDA or cop in the business?

        Career suicide.

  • Greg Diamond

    This is great news for those who realize that Rackauckas has to go but doubt that Spitzer has ideal temperament to replace him. It takes away an excuse that some people have had to vote to retain Racky.

    Murdock is a good plaintiff’s attorney who has engaged in most of the same activities as a prosecutor, notably investigation and case assessment — and done it well.

    Not having personally prosecuted criminals — and I wish that Racky hadn’t personally stepped in to screw up the Kelly Thomas case prosecution! — would be a problem if the entire criminal division of the office leaves once he’s elected and can’t be replaced, which is unlikely to say the least.

    Murdock’s primary role in criminal law enforcement will be to keep his subordinates honest (or to impel them to be and get rid of the ones who can’t or won’t be.). He’s had supervisory and executive experience as Mayor and has had the guts and ability to take on the shady activities in his hometown. I’ll take honesty, intelligence, discretion, and good judgment in a DA any day. There are plenty of competent attorneys in the office who want to be honest — they need leadership that will allow them to be.

    No one should be voting to retain Racky. Just keeping him out of the runoff would clean up our county’s image.

  • Rosie Lee

    Murdock CLEARLY doesn’t have the experience necessary to lead the District Attorney’s office. I don’t see any mention of prosecutorial or legislative accomplishments. Yes we need a DA to restore integrity to the office but what we don’t need is someone with ZERO experience for the job. Recipe for more disaster!

    • verifiedsane

      The above comment was sponsored by Toad Spitter, the sleazy BoS political hack for DA campaign headquarters….thanks for the laughs Rosie…. 🙂

    • Robert Curtis

      Murdock’s lack of experience is not factual …Most active attorneys have experience of some kind. Murdock’s type of experience and background might just turn the DA’s office into a better more functioning place.. Todd and Tony will continue more of the same. I don’t like the line up. I’m a Republican so turning to Murdock as the best choice says a lot. My concern is deeper than the Tony and Todd show down. Why hasn’t Brett Murdock done more sense his declaration of running for the DA’s office. I see no Facebook or website campaign launch…Where is Murdock?

  • Bill421

    Time for a new DA and Sheriff. Honesty is all I ask

    • verifiedsane

      Competence, character, integrity, recognizing this is a non-partisan office, ethics, a good moral compass, and some strong managerial skills would also be nice… 🙂