• Philmore

    A few Google keystrokes supplied some context missing from the Press Release-


    “…..Originally designed by Ricardo Mendoza and Josh Sarantitis, the piece was first unveiled on Labor Day 2015, but within months, fairgrounds officials had to close off and renovate it. Combined with the $90,000 original budget, “Table of Dignity” has cost about $350,000. Most of the funding has gone toward the renovation…”

    “….needed to be rebuilt because of structural issues…..”

    “….These dedication plaques will memorialize the efforts of the board of directors for their vision in making these projects a reality…..”

    Perhaps riverbed – adjacent Anaheim & Orange residents would more fully appreciate this “great work” to memorialize “dignity” of the past if not recieving daily reminders of a DEFICIT of dignity in the PRESENT which certainly could experience reduction with that magnitude of expense, if employed in CAPABLE hands. After the third quote I doubt it. Can we anticipate a riverbed MONUMENT?

    • David Zenger

      How sadly typical. The government demolition derby car has no rear-view mirror.

      $260,000 to fix a $90,000 “monument?!” Ms. Aitken ought to be ashamed of herself instead of bragging about her accomplishment.

      • Philmore

        ” The government demolition derby car has no rear-view mirror…”
        Of course not ! Adding one would consume scarce space and weight needed for name plates !

        • David Zenger

          It’s hard to argue that the fair Board was hijacked by Brown given the bald-faced cupidity of many of the previous members, but really I’m starting to think that the current lot needs a lot more scrutiny.

    • Philmore

      Oh, and in another (related ?) result-


      Under a budget plan approved by the Fair Board on Thursday, general admission tickets on Saturdays and Sundays for the 2017 fair will be $14, up $2 from this past summer.

      ……””The increase in our adult-only price for the weekends was driven by the operational need to incentivize weekday attendance,” fairgrounds Chief Executive Kathy Kramer said in a statement. “In addition, this slight price increase will help offset increasing operational expenses.”…/..

      About $260,000 worth ?

      • David Zenger

        The “slight increase” is 17%.

        Of course anybody with an intelligence higher than a sea cucumber would reckon that weekday attendance is not driven by weekend prices and that raising any prices puts the Fair at a disadvantage relative to other opportunities for people to spend disposable income.

        • justanon

          Compared to those other “opportunities” the fair is a bargain at $14.

          Angel game-$25

          • David Zenger

            Opportunities like the beach or the park? Free.

            Optional disposable income opportunities for some people might include a whole array of stuff you can’t conceive of.

          • justanon

            I think you just proved that you are the one who’s out of touch when it comes to entertainment “opportunity” dollars.
            Of course, you don’t really care, it seems you’re just looking for any excuse to vent-your-spleen against the county.

          • David Zenger

            It’s always entertaining to watch you liberals throw your would-be Unterklasse constituencies under the bus when it comes to implementing highly regressive fee increases and sales taxes – just to pour more money into dubiously run enterprises – Exhibit A: the $90,000 Table of Dignity boondoggle that took $260,000 to fix.

            And how about that genius Kathy Kramer who wants to “incentivize” weekday attendance by INCREASING week-end prices!

            That’s quite a team you’re going to bat for.

          • justanon

            “that genius Kathy Kramer who wants to “incentivize” weekday attendance by INCREASING week-end prices!”

            It’s always entertaining to watch you conservatives make idiotic statements in your rush to smear, criticize and complain about “government”. Do you actually think Kathy Kramer ‘invented’ charging more on the weekends? You really need to get out more because, guess what?

            EVERYBODY DOES IT!

            As for weighing in on the renovation costs, I don’t know enough facts to be slinging blame around and neither do you.

  • LFOldTimer

    Coming from a pasty white political neophyte born with a silver spoon in her mouth running for Mayor of Anaheim.

    Political correctness at it’s finest.

    • justanon

      Coming from a pasty white lazy old bigoted blogger with nothing to do but complain and attack people.

      Whiny, bitterness at it’s finest.

      • LFOldTimer

        Don’t you have an AntiFa rally to attend today?

        There’s nothing funnier than white elite politicians playing the race card to curry favor with the underclass that they have absolutely nothing in common with. Progressives like yourself might swallow the bait. The rest of us see it for what it is: a phony sales pitch for brown votes.

        • justanon

          She’s a board member for the Orange County Fair and Events Center, who do you THINK is going to make the announcement about an event at the OC Fairgrounds?

          You’re so blinded by partisan BS you can’t even comprehend how silly, stupid and bigoted your comment was. In your petty, narrow mind only a former farm worker would be able to write up the announcement of a new historical display at the fairgrounds. You have a lot of nerve throwing around the term “political correctness”, hypocrite.

          Don’t you have a pro-fascist/KKK/white supremacy/trump rally to attend?

          • LFOldTimer

            When’s the last time Ashleigh wrote an on-ed about anything? And
            suddenly when it’s announced that she’s running for Mayor of Anaheim,
            which happens to be more than half Hispanic, we get a tear-jerker
            “opinion piece” from a member of the elite white community on how badly
            brown people were treated in OC in the early 1900’s? lol. Spare me.

            And like I said, as a young 10 year old kid I picked strawberries in the hot
            sun in the summertime with my friends for $2.50 a tray and bought a
            bicycle with my money. I didn’t feel exploited. No one forced me to pick
            strawberries. It was my choice. And I felt lucky to have a job so I
            could make some spending money.

            But how is it being a “white supremacist” to call out a white person for pandering for brown votes? It’s the exact opposite. I’m actually advocating for brown people by pointing out how they’re being played.

            You progressive liberals just love to twist and distort commentary to give it the opposite of it’s intended meaning. I guess that’s why you’re the kings and queens of fake news.

            Oh, btw, how’s that Russian conspiracy between Trump and Putin to fix the election working out? ha. Even liberal reporters are now admitting it was a bunch of manufactured hogwash. lol.

          • justanon

            Sorry old bigot, history happened. You may not want to acknowledge the mistreatment of farm laborers, but most people want and value an accurate historical accounting.
            If you had your way all mention of slavery would be eliminated when discussing the Civil War.
            And NO ONE who’s read your comments would believe that you give a rat’s *ss about “brown people”, that’s a real knee-slapper! Your hypocrisy and lack of self-awareness knows no bounds, lol.

            As for the Russia scandal, it’s gathering steam and treasonous lil’ donny is becoming more erratic by the day. Nothing says “guilty” like trying to strong arm everyone one into stopping the investigation. You trump-chumps can’t quite wrap your teeny brains around the FACT that the Russia investigation is just getting started, Mueller hasn’t hired 16 of the best lawyers in the country for nothing. Lil’ donny is beginning to squirm.

            Pass the popcorn!

          • LFOldTimer

            I bet you’re the Mrs. Kravitz of your neighborhood. lol.

          • justanon

            Go to bed old man, you’re embarrassing yourself.

          • LFOldTimer
          • justanon

            Not surprised that you waste your time watching silly, stupid youtube videos. I guess it’s less painful than watching trump destroy our country’s reputation and standing in the world, the office of the presidency, the Constitution and truth in general.

            Your judgement and opinions are forever tarnished and rendered irrelevant by your support of that ignorant, lying, racist, treasonous buffoon.

            On the other hand old man, perhaps your time is better spent watching old reruns of ‘Bewitched’ than spewing your ignorant nonsense on the blogs.

            I’m sure those lily-white old TV shows are comforting to a bigot like yourself. It’s the world you long for isn’t it? That was part of trump’s appeal, a world where black and brown folk were rarely seen and if they were shown they were in properly subservient roles and women knew their place. In short, a disgusting fantasy world that catered to white men and white men only.

            The jokes on you though, as that world ain’t NEVER coming back, lol!

          • LFOldTimer

            “I’m sure those lily-white old TV shows are comforting to a bigot like
            yourself. It’s the world you long for isn’t it? That was part of trump’s
            appeal, a world where black and brown folk were rarely seen and if they were shown they were in properly subservient roles and women knew their place. In short, a disgusting fantasy world that catered to white men and white men only.”

            You constantly judge people in your comments (eg. as shown above) on this board by their race and sex, making you a true “bigot” and “sexist” by the very definition of the words. For you to call someone else a “bigot” would be like Frankenstein calling Dracula an a-hole. lol.

            Have a fine day, Gladys. Go shop for a muzzle at the neighborhood garage sales. Abner would gladly pay for it. lol.

          • justanon

            Ha, ha, ha again, your lack of self-awareness and memory is unbelievable. You’re the one making assumptions and throwing around accusations of associations and silly ‘insults’.

            All that BS does is reveal who you truly are and it says: sexist, racist and out-of-touch.