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  • Cynthia Ward

    Wait! On WHAT PLANET does any workforce get to demand the resignation of their employer? That doesn’t work in the private sector, EVER, I don’t care how incompetent the owner’s nephew is that you got stuck working for. And when does a public employees’ union get to pick their own boss? Huh? This is especially galling when so few of the APA team lives in Anaheim, but when called on it they cite their family’s safety, making me wonder if they can’t keep their own peeps safe how can they ask ME to drop a dime on the bad guys? If they are not Anaheim taxpayers, they don’t get to call the shots. it’s bad enough they rig elections going door to door and lying about people, or sending out slanderous mail and TV commercials. I read about how some of the Sergeants can’t stand to be in the same room together, and I wonder why their lack of maturity is OUR problem?

    RE: Quezada; It’s funny, we hear so many complaints in which people assume the Mayor/Council know about things, and took no action, or took action that would be harmful or even appear vindictive if the back story was known. And yet time and time again I find information stops long before it makes its way up the food chain to the elected body AS A WHOLE. If Ridge and Emery were involved, I can tell you who likely DID know. But I can PROVE info is often withheld from leaders at City Hall, even on huge projects where you wonder how higher staff ever insulated the “electeds” from the info. Unless Quezada sat down face to face and provided individuals with the info I would NOT count on them having gotten it, or they may have received it as highly curated to fit a narrative desired by those with their own agenda. I don’t know what the story is with the Chief, but I hope he gets to the bottom of this in a way that the public gets to sit in on, because I am pretty confident he will find some influence peddlers in the middle of this morass who decided who would, and would not, get information. The public needs to know this too.

    There certainly appears to be some racial motivation for SOME at City Hall, we saw the complaint filed by former City Attorney Talley, and the behavior of the prior majority against Jose Moreno and our latino residents has been deplorable. The special interest deals we have argued against for the last decade have depleted the General Fund, which pays for the programs used disproportionately by our working class, largely Latino neighbors. Talley recorded that as well. In fact, during the hotel subsidy back-room deals (enabled by City Manager’s Office and Comm Dev staff working behind the scenes long before anything went public, gee, a pattern is forming) even the split of the union benefits divided along ethnic lines, as the mostly white trades were given a seat at the table, some say Brandman pulled the Chinese hotel deals and sent them BACK to the unions for a deal, while Murray chastised the mostly Latino hotel workers unions for their “failure” to get to the table they were elbowed out of. So I would not be surprised to find Quezada was taken on for the visuals needed to calm the crowds and let the then-majority say, “see we aren’t racists” but when he clashed with the leadership of the Masters of the Police Union Universe, then it was time to put him in his place. That’s not saying the Chief was doing a bang-up job, I was furious at the way the KKK fiasco was handled, having been there, and he made it worse with the BS spin offered as excuse, but I don’t see anyone coming out of this squeaky clean.

    Quezada needs to make sure the Mayor/Council were actually TOLD of this earlier info and make sure it was ALL disclosed, and not carefully edited by those in the CMO that have their own agendas, including keeping Kris and company happy, which follows keeping the campaign-pumping APA leaders happy. What a freaking mess.

  • Paul Lucas

    and again the tax payers get the bite from the settlement

  • Pingback: Anaheim Police Chief Files Claim Against City After “Overwhelming” Police Union Vote of No Confidence – CHB Blog()

  • Pingback: Anaheim Police Chief Files Claim Against City After “Overwhelming” Police Union Vote of No Confidence()

  • Pingback: Anaheim Police Chief Files Claim Against City After “Overwhelming” Police Union Vote of No Confidence()

  • David Resendez

    None of this is a surprise. The rank-and-file want to increase their pay & benefits at the expense of Anaheim taxpayers. Those who get in their way are eliminated.

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  • verifiedsane

    Who gives a flying duck what the police union wants or voted for…is this a city police department, or a another power struggle p*ssing contest…like we witnessed in Santa Ana

  • Daniel Lamb

    With respect to APA, I suggest they take another vote. A vote by email is absurdly unrealiable. The union should proceed with a verifiable paper ballot vote. Also, there is absolutely nothing anonymous about a vote by email. Again, that’s absurd, so absurd as to be deliberately absurd. Our heros deserve better!

    Also, I think it’s interesting that Jose Ochoa, described as an intern, was charged with writing this article. Among other things, I have long wondered about Voice of OC’s staffing model. It seems like writers just appear out of thin air. I definitely think that question, among others, warrants an inquiry given that Voice of OC is supported by taxpayers.

  • LFOldTimer

    The police agencies in the OC are totally out of control.

    OCSD, Santa Ana, Anaheim, Fullerton, etc…. You’d have to be in complete denial not to see it.

    Yet the idiots in charge who govern our society continue to shower the cops with unadulterated praise and refuse to criticize even when severe criticism is not only warranted – it’s a prerequisite to the survival of a democracy and our constitutional freedoms.

    You are witnessing the anatomy of a police state.

  • kburgoyne

    Sounds like there is plenty of room for potential fault on many sides. Anybody who has worked middle management and has had managers above them interfere with the management of people below them can recognize where one potential problem is here. It also sounds like “perhaps” Quezada is a weak leader, although people above him interfering with his management can also create that appearance. One would have to look deeper into any incidents in which nothing of significance can be traced to anyone possibly interfering with his management. That might be tricky if interference had emboldened people under him to generally ignore and contradict him.

    • David Zenger

      It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the Kleptocracy has been undermining Quezada all along. The police union never wanted him.

      • LFOldTimer

        I wouldn’t put Quezada in the same class as former SA Chief Rojas who actually tried to hold his rank ‘n file accountable and got reamed for his efforts. Quezada’s history isn’t as clean as the wind driven snow by any stretch.

        OTOH is the police union innocent? ha. Maybe like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

        This is just another instance of Dracula calling Frankenstein a knucklehead.

        • Manuel Delgadillo

          What these Chief’s do is that they begin to wander into the political arena. Quezada and Rojas. Chiefs need to stay true to the police department and support that front line that deals with the public. Let the Association deal with the City come contract time. “VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE” come often. These situations sound similar’s to Santa Ana’s the only difference is that Rojas secured employment else by possibly having the vote of no confidence delayed is my best guess.

          As a result of actions by the city, he claims “Chief Quezada’s working conditions have become intolerable… While it was, of course, Chief Quezada’s plan and desire to end his law enforcement career with the City, the City’s actions and inactions have made this essentially impossible. ”

          “The current Vote of No Confidence- no matter what the result – caused entirely by the City’s lack of action and/or improper actions have damaged Quezada’s earning capability, reputation, shattered his credibility and damaged his career (current and future), likely beyond repair.”

          Maybe Quezada has run his course and does not want to see it or admit it. Policing at the administrative levels has become increasingly tough.

          • LFOldTimer

            “Chiefs need to stay true to the police department and support that front line that deals with the public”

            Chiefs are also there to discipline and eliminate the riffraff on the force who perform poorly or aren’t suited for police work.

            The problem is when they do the police unions protect the riffraff instead of supporting the chiefs who are trying to maintain a certain standard of behavior that citizens expect from their police officers.

            Therein lies the problem.

          • Manuel Delgadillo

            Look up the “Police Officer’s Bill of Rights” this may add some clarity.

          • David Zenger

            Congratulations, Mr. Delgadillo. That is the very first time POBR and “clarity” have ever been used in the same sentence.

          • David Zenger

            “What these Chief’s (sic) do is that they begin to wander into the political arena.”

            As opposed to the cop unions that enthusiastically jump in head first into the political arena to elect lackeys like Solorio, Pulido, and that other mutton head.

            Do you have any idea funny your comment was?

          • Manuel Delgadillo

            Mr. Zenger, I am glad you read my post. That is my opinion after 22 years in LE. Chiefs should tend to their store. Every police department has an association and yes its political. There is no difference at the State level or congress, all politics.

          • David Zenger

            Mr. Delgdillo, I agree that police chiefs should avoid politics. I just wish the cop unions would do the same. The public would be a lot better off.

  • RyanCantor

    Anyone still think Paul Emery was doing a great job?

    • Philmore

      Sure !
      – Disney, The Chamber / Convention & Visitors Bureau, Pringle, Kring, Murray, Brandman, Eastman … (and a list of developers too long to type)

      • David Zenger

        Don’t forget the contractors and consulting engineers. Propose to build it and they will come.

        We’ll pay the maintenance costs and debt service later.