• LFOldTimer

    Just a thought.

    Why don’t some of the homeowners clean out their garages of piles of junk from floor to ceiling or stop using them as living areas (which is supposed to be illegal)?

    Maybe if they would park their damn cars in their garages, as intended, there would be enough room for everyone to park on the PUBLIC STREETS that are paid for ALL taxpayers.

    How’s that for a concept?

    • Dana Swart

      The problem is that people can’t park on the PUBLIC STREETS between the hours of 2am and 5am in the city of Fullerton, with a few exceptions. In fact that was the major gist of the entire article.

      • LFOldTimer

        The reason people couldn’t park on the public street was due to the uproar over the lack of parking spaces.

        Again, if the homeowners stopped using their garages as a junk storage facilities or stopped renting out their garages to others to live in or stopped using their garages as an extra living space – that precludes them from using their garages as intended – A PLACE TO PARK THEIR CARS – the 2am to 5am no-parking ordinance wouldn’t have been necessary!

        • Dana Swart

          Sorry, but 93 years ago when this became the law, Fullerton was a very different place. I’m pretty sure at that time the law was not passed because people had too much stuff in their garages and couldn’t park their cars in there so street parking became a problem. Something tells me it was something else at that time that required the city to ban on-street parking. It’s only now morphed into your so-called garage clutter issue. but the law has been on the books for much longer than that.

          • LFOldTimer

            Then is then and now is now. The ordinance is obsolete and long overdue to get repealed.

            What else would result in a parking ban other than too many cars or whatever clogging the curb line?

            The fact remains that today too many people are using their garages for purposes other than to park their cars. And that is a BIG reason for the lack of public parking spaces on the streets.

            Blame the ones who misuse their garages or the city for failing to properly plan when approving the apartment buildings.

            Don’t blame the apartment renters who need a place to park their cars.

            Full disclosure: Not an apartment dweller. Just a fair-minded citizen.

          • Concerned Citizen

            If a homeowner wants to use their garage for their crap, that’s their prerogative. But what does that have to do with the anything? Their cars can’t be parked on the street either. Ticket them too.

            The reason is there is a “lack of public parking spaces on the streets” is because it is AGAINST THE LAW. If the apartments renters are not happy with their living situation, they should find a place that better meets their needs. It is not complicated.

            As for the city allowing apartments to be built without enough parking… I think if you really looked at it rationally, it is a false argument. No one forced those renters in to their apartments. Its really basic economics — the rents charged are market rents…what the rental is worth given all the amenities, and that includes parking.

          • LFOldTimer

            Bogus arguments.

            “If a homeowner wants to use their garage for their crap, that’s their prerogative.”

            Many homeowners convert their garages into living spaces. That’s AGAINST THE LAW. So don’t be selective about which laws you honor or ignore based upon personal preference.

            If a homeowner wants to turn his garage into a junk storage facility to the point there’s no room for a car then he or she has no right to whine that others park on a public street in front of their homes. All taxpayers finance public streets.

            “If the apartments renters are not happy with their living situation, they should find a place that better meets their needs.”

            So you want to punish renters because homeowners can’t park their cars in their own garages because they turned it into a rat trap or a living space – or because the city screwed up and approved apartment buildings that didn’t have adequate parking areas? If homeowners refuse to use the garages for their INTENDED purpose (TO PARK CARS in) then maybe the city should force them to buy the curb space in front of their homes to make ownership official.

          • Mazzola Mazzola

            Yes they are learning to deflect from the real issue.
            Landlords responsibility.

    • Concerned Citizen

      Call Code Enforcement of the Fire Department if you are that concerned. But again, this has nothing to do with ILLEGALLY PARKING ON CITY STREETS BETWEEN 2am and 5am.

  • LFOldTimer

    No wonder nothing good gets done in this society.

    They’ve divided us into so many fractured groups that pit one cause against the other – we spend all our time fighting each other rather than fighting the true source of our problems – the morons who are elected to local, state and Federal offices who continue to drive public policies that robs us of our rights/money and erodes our quality of life.

    Liberals vs. Conservatives; Young vs. Old; Rich vs. Poor; Women vs. Men; Black vs. White; Fat vs. Skinny; Gay vs. Straight; History Scholars vs. Revisionists; Government vs. Private Sector; Christians vs. Muslims; etc…and now Apartment Dwellers vs. Homeowners.

    If they can keep us fighting one another it takes the heat off of them.

    • Concerned Citizen

      News flash — its been this way since the beginning of time….just the names of the groups have changed.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Why is this the City’s problem to solve? If the residents do not like the amenities offered by their landlords (whether it is the parking, the laundry facilities, or the carpet), they should move to a place that better meets their needs. And don’t their rents reflect more limited parking? Maybe they should sue their landlords if they were rented to under false pretenses.

    • Dana Swart

      Totally agree and why is an owner of 3 apartment buildings in this situation looking for the city to “fix” her problem? This is entirely an owner/renter problem and not a neighborhood/city problem. I couldn’t agree more that if you do not like your circumstances that you need to change them. This is a 93-year-old ban, not something that just came up. You moved into this situation, if you don’t like it move out of it.

      • Mazzola Mazzola

        No sheet! We are not saying the renters are criminals, that what the renters want everyone to think.
        The ones who should pay for tickets is the landlords for allowing more than one family to live in each apartment.
        Not only is it creating negative impacts to homeowners the city will have to deal with waste water piping problems because the sewers are sized only for a specific amount of fixture units.
        I say they landlords need to step up and stop acting like victims as well as the renters.
        Hold the landlords accountable plus the management companies, why should we get stuck with more blight cause by carelessness.
        I like to know where these landlords live, where their children live, would they allow this baloney to go on in their neighborhood?
        Hell No!
        In the picture I see an ice cream van parked, a business vehicle.

  • LagunaTri

    A few neighborhoods in South County have faced this. Street parking from apartments began to spill over into SFR neighborhoods about 20 years ago and it’s only gotten worse. We had a babysitter who lived in one complex when there were rarely cars even parked on the street in front of the apartment complex. Later, we bought in a nearby neighborhood. While our home was tucked inside the track, those at the outskirts eventually had people parking in front of their homes. To spend $800k on a house and have to deal with diapers, needles, condoms and other trash in front of your home is ridiculous. All the neighborhood kids walked by this on their way to school each day. The apartment owners are allowing too many occupants in each unit which is why parking is a problem. Our babysitter eventually moved. She noticed as many as eight adults coming in and out of two bedroom apartments. The parking requirement for a two bedroom apartment is not eight vehicles. I feel bad for the woman in the article; she’s caught in a tough situation and is not one of the problem residents. I also feel bad for parents who have saved and sacrificed to buy a home to raise their family and have to deal with this nonsense. I don’t know what the answer is, but it seems the apartment owners sure aren’t suffering.

    • Mazzola Mazzola

      That is the real issue!
      Why should landlords care, as long as they get their check then turn tables around by acting concerned about renters when in actuality they need to give notice to tenants to vacate!