• LagunaTri

    In my first career, I was one of those staff members who would prepare RFPs. analyze responses, interview the top firms and write the staff report recommending the most qualified, responsible bidder. Nothing undermines professional staff more than council members pulling a political end run like this. You’ve got to respect Schott who stood her ground.

    SB 649 is terrible and takes away local control. Sacramento has been balancing its budget on the backs of local and regional agencies for years. Redevelopment tax increment, the local percentage of gas tax, unfunded mandates…I could go on. One party rule of both legislative houses is never good, no matter who’s in charge. But, couple it with fairly short term limits and politicians will do whatever benefits them and are long gone before it all hits the fan. I’m not a member of either party, but the Sacramento Democrats have ruined this state financially and most voters don’t pay attention to the long-term damage that’s already been done. Our grandkids will be paying for all the infrastructure bond issues when many capital projects should’ve been budgeted for annually to save for maintenance, renovation or replacement. But, hey, the state needs the funds for all their budget giveaways and pet projects for firms that give them money. How’s that high-speed rail thing coming along?

    Sorry for the rant, but if I can educate a few people and wake up a few more, it’s worth it.

    • LFOldTimer

      It won’t be the stock market that implodes first. It will be the bond market. That will be the trigger that brings down the entire house of cards. All the great civilizations that have gone by the wayside were destroyed by debt. We will be no different. Paying for infrastructure bonds won’t even be on your grandkid’s radar. They’ll be too busy trying to find their next meal.

  • LFOldTimer

    There needs to be more in-depth investigative journalism into 5Bars. Are there any prominent local republican politicians who either have ownership or a big financial interest in 5Bars?

    Is there any history of 5Bars contributing to local city council campaigns?

    Please give us the rest of the story. Something seems to be missing here.