• Volt Man

    DACA ends today – 800k deportations upcoming!! Yippee Yay !!! MAGA day!!!

  • No way I’d ever vote for VeryGrossah. Horrible Mayor. SEIU stooge. Where’s the free WiFI for City of LA he promised would be online by 2009? His Green City plan bombed. Not sure he accomplished one thing other than shag behind his wife’s back. NO WAY!

  • Philmore

    It can only be his own arrogance and a reliance on short to nonexistent memories of the voters that bring Talkalot Tony to zing an opponent (who I also oppose) for a single trip without a syllable about his own continual and exhorbitant worldwide travel junkets while Mayor, with one to China costing $500,000. Many shared my disappointment after each to learn it was not one-way. ,

    • LFOldTimer

      Don’t forget about his extramarital affair with the news anchor! lol.

      He and Newsom have a lot in common.

      If they’ll do that to their wives – how do you think they’ll treat the taxpayers?

      • justanon

        What about trump? He brought his mistress to the same Aspen resort that his wife and children were at, resulting in a ‘cat fight’ between Ivana and Marla right there on the ski-slopes. You can’t get any more low-class, cheatin’ scumbag than that, and yet, YOU support trump …. HYPOCRITE!

        Oh, you poor trump-chumps, left twisting-in-the-wind trying to defend your POTUS.
        Really, rather than constantly embarrassing yourself with your rank hypocrisy, do yourself and the rest of us a favor and STFU!!!!!

        • LFOldTimer

          Claptrap open to easy repudiation but placed on ignore in the interest of the VOC comment board.

          • justanon

            Ha, ha, ha more BS from the trump-chump hypocrite:

            “There was the gleefully reported screaming match on an Aspen ski slope between Ivana Trump and Marla Maples over who would get The Donald.”


          • LFOldTimer

            Inaccurate claptrap w/ off-topic rants put on ignore.

          • justanon

            Off-topic? YOU Mr. Hypocrite brought up marital infidelity to SMEAR democrats, so how is my pointing out that YOU support a p*ssy-grabbing, cheating, major POS “off-topic”?

            Again, you’ve been caught with your hypocritical drawers down, lol!!!!

          • LFOldTimer

            Claptrap from a petty out-of-control potty-mouthed provocateur placed on ignore in the interest of the VOC comment board.

          • justanon

            Oh, spare us your faux-outrage.

            You take a cheap shot at Villaraigosa and Newsom, insinuating that you can’t trust cheaters and when it boomerangs back on you because you saw fit to support a cheater for POTUS, suddenly I’m an “off-topic”, “petty out-of-control potty-mouthed provocateur”.

            Not only are you a hypocrite, you’re a thin-skinned hypocrite, lol.

          • Philmore

            It’s ironic, but too pitiful to be funny, that you accuse other commenters “embarrassing themselves” while bringing little if anything to the comments but a vomit of insults and ad-homniem, recalling Red Skelton’s classic “Niagara Falls” bit, but without even a trigger word, much less a connection to the discussion, to set you off. And I’m sure total ignorance of the subject won’t stop you from telling me who (you think) I voted for and the amount of my “hypocracy” either. The only mention of or allusion to Trump was yours, and I doubt you have the knowledge, interest, or even the attention span to respond to anything said by anyone here based on any virtues of either Newsome or Villariagosa, but feel free to continue your side-show diatribe. You have the “first amendment” open floor to yourself-

          • justanon

            I’m sorry, but I do know that LFOldBigot voted for trump as he’s said so many times (taking him at his word).

            So, WHY isn’t it relevant for me to point out the hypocrisy of LF’s position?

            He made the point that Villaraigosa and Newsom can’t be trusted by California taxpayers because they cheated on their wives, but he supported a thrice married, cheater for POTUS.

            How is that not a hypocritical position?

  • verifiedsane

    Tony V = a doo doo doer….and there you have it…. 🙂

  • LFOldTimer

    This just goes to show how screwed up the State of California is when Tony Villar is a viable candidate for the top elected office.

    • David Zenger

      “…and he’s even more emphatic in his backing of the controversial bullet train project.”

      In any sanely run state that would be an automatic disqualifier right out of the gate.