• David Zenger

    Justice is the backbone of the justice system. And we don’t have a lot of it at present. So why should we weep for the paper pushers? Clerks in the private sector work until they’re 67 before they can retire and have few, if any benefits.

    • justanon

      So the thousands of cases that go through the various courthouses in OC are all negated by a couple that were effed up by the DA? And on top of that you think the court clerks should be held responsible?

      I never thought you were as big a moron as LF and verified until now.

      These court clerks are hard working people who are making about $20 an hour, not even enough to afford an apartment in OC, but because they get pensions and medical benefits you think they are bloodsucking scum.


      Leanne, please ignore these angry, ignorant, bitter, ne’er do wells, they are blinded by jealousy over the fact that government employees get a pension. They won’t be happy until you are forced into poverty by making minimum wage with no benefits. They are malignant cheerleaders for the race-to-the-bottom.

      I for one hope you get a raise, because in reality, most working people need and deserve a raise.

      • LFOldTimer

        If a government worker thinks he or she is worth more than the employer pays them – then do as private sector workers do – UPDATE YOUR RESUME AND APPLY FOR A JOB THAT PAYS WHAT YOU THINK YOU’RE WORTH.

        In short order you’ll discover if you’re truly worth more compensation or if you’re lucky to have your current paycheck.

        Let the free market decide.

        But don’t whine and cry to the general public. We have no control over your pay grade.

        In general, I believe that government workers are over-compensated for what they do as a result of the corrupted system created by the public unions and dirty politicians.

        • David Zenger

          Please don’t confuse the troll with facts. You will just confuse it and make it (more) irritable and cranky.

      • David Zenger

        Wow, someone sure is bitter. If I were a high school grad pushing paper around the courthouse and had great medical benefits and could retire at 55 I’d be very happy indeed.

        By the way, your reading comprehension is abysmal and your grammar is awful. A product of a public education and employed in the public sector, I’d bet.

        • justanon

          Yeah, someone sure is bitter and it’s you.

          I really nailed it when I called you a “ne’er do well”, so jealous and angry over a $20 an hour job. That’s not even enough to rent an average apartment in OC.

          Idiots like you assume that the outrageous headline making, outlier pensions mean that all government pensions are outrageous. Maybe a Court Clerk could retire at 55 (if they started at 25), but I doubt it. They like most people will probably work into their sixties because they won’t be able to afford to retire on their Clerk’s pension until then. A pension by the way, that they paid 5-10% of their gross income into (it’s funny how you right wingers always ‘forget’ to mention that).

          My “reading comprehension” is top-notch and that’s what bugs you. You fancy yourself an ‘intellectual’, but in reality you’re just a garden variety dumb-*ss, bitter, angry, right-wing nut job who couldn’t think his way out of a paper bag.

          • LFOldTimer

            ha. You make Zenger look like Sir Isaac Newton. Your mouth is outrunning your brain again!

            After 30 years on the job one would expect a gov clerk would to make at least $50,000. The pension would = about 81% of salary. That equates to over $40,000. LIfe expectancy = 80. That means drawing a gov pension for 25 years (almost as long as total years of employment). Total benefit = $40,000 x 25 = a MILLION bucks (this does not include COLA and other add-ons) for a common gov clerk. The 5-10% withdrawn over a working career that you reference wouldn’t come close to covering that million bucks.

            The maximum a SS recipient collects is about $32,000 a year REGARDLESS of income. A private sector worker could work for 45 years and make $1,000,000 a year and SS maxes out at $32,000 a year at age 67. Those who retire early @ 62 max out at about $26,000 a year. Pensions are practically unheard of for a common worker in the private sector. Do the math. At normal retirement age of 67 the SS recipient has about 13 years of life left on average. At maximum payout total lifetime benefit = about $400,000. Duh?

            Clerks in the private sector are paid close to minimum wage with zero job security. And they don’t write Op-eds for VOC either. lol.

            See the difference yet space queen?

          • justanon

            If those Court Clerk’s haven’t gotten a raise in 10 years just how are they going to get from $42k to $50k a year?

            You forgot to add in 401k money, you remember 401k’s, the republican/conservative answer to pensions. You right-wingers all hated unions and their pensions and good benefits, so you destroyed most of them and gave workers the freedom to fund their own retirements via 401k’s. How’s that plan worked out for the average joe?

            And now, you hate the last big union standing, government workers.

            You angry, bitter right-wing nut jobs were and are corporate america’s wet dream. All they need is petty, ignorant dupes like yourself to rail against people making $20 an hour and hating the fact that they get pensions and benefits to completely destroy wages/benefits in this country.

            The race-to-the-bottom was driven by idiots like you.

            Corporate america depends on your jealousy and pettiness, they count on your resentment, they know the tune you dance to: ‘if I can’t have it, neither should you.’

            Government jobs pay decent wages with decent benefits and you can’t stand it.

          • LFOldTimer

            “If those Court Clerk’s haven’t gotten a raise in 10 years just how are they going to get from $42k to $50k a year?”

            Pure hogwash. Below I’ve linked the actual OC Superior Court Court Clerk Salary Schedule. The only Court Clerk making $20.hr is a Step 1 wet-behind the ears brand spanking new hire right out of high-school. Sure beats making $10.hr (or less) at Wal-Mart w/ no pension, doesn’t it?

            The monthly pay range for a CS-01 is $3510 to $4719. So a BRAND NEW CLERK HIRE makes over $42,000 a year. If someone hired in as a CS-01 failed to promote and remained there for 30 years (is that even possible?) he or she would retire at an annual salary of $56,628. That means an annual pension of nearly $46,000 starting at age 55 until they turn to room temperature. So your bogus claim of “how are they going to get from $42k to $50k a year?” just got shot down in flames.

            Furthermore, Ms. Wunsch’ bio indicates that hired on in 1991 (26 year employee) and is a Court Clerk III.

            According to the schedule a Court Clerk III has a monthly salary range of $4423 to $5921. So the top annual salary would be about $71,000 a year. Far cry from $20.hr or $42,000 a year, as you claimed.


            You left-wing progressive snowflakes love to propagandize w/ fake news and expect people to buy your BS. When you get called on it you either slither back into your holes or come up with more phony excuses. We read you like a cheap dog-eared paperback novel. You fool no one.

            Again, if a government worker thinks he or she is worth more than they’re making – then update the resume and apply for a job in the private sector to find out what you’re truly worth.

            The government workers love to complain about being short-changed but rarely do they leave their gravy-train government jobs mostly because they KNOW they’d never find a better paying job or benefits in the private sector with their skill sets and they’d actually have to produce to keep their jobs. lol.

            When’s the last time a WalMart employee wrote an op-ed about being short-changed in the workplace? lol.

            So stop your incessant whining.

          • justanon

            The average Court Clerk salary is around $42,000 a Court Clerk is like an Executive Assistant and the average salary for an Executive Assistant is around $43,000.
            Both those salaries and the pay range between $20-$25 an hour DON’T even
            meet the cost of living in OC.

            Like it or not jealous boys, these folks need a raise.

            Court Clerk’s PAY into their pensions, Executive Assistant’s pay into Social Security and if they choose, a 401k and if they’re lucky they may get matching contributions from their employer.

            It’s not a surprise that the pension is the better deal, they’re managed by professionals and employer contributions are the rule.

            But it was Republican’s who pushed the disastrous 401k plans and it’s Republican’s who want to eliminate public employee pensions. It will LOWER the bar for EVERYONE’S retirement, but you suckers eat it up because you can’t stand someone else getting something you don’t.

            Your petty, short-sighted jealousy is pathetic..

          • LFOldTimer

            “The average Court Clerk salary is around $42,000 a Court Clerk is like
            an Executive Assistant and the average salary for an Executive Assistant
            is around $43,000”

            Now you’ve crossed the line of not just being wrong. Now you’re being openly and blatantly intellectually dishonest.

            I posted the Court Clerk Pay Range Schedule for all to see. The pay range for a Court Clerk I (CS-01) (the lowest level Court Clerk in the OC Court system) is $3510 to $4719. So a new hire Court Clerk making $3510/mo has an annual gross income (not including overtime or other supplemental pay) of $42,120 ($3510×12). This is grade school math so I assume you can process the calculation. For your convenience I will once again link the OC Court Clerk Salary Range Schedule, effective July 1, 2016:


            So how can you come on the board and distort the truth by claiming the average salary for all Court Clerks is $42,000 when the LOWEST RANKING Court Clerk (Clerk I @ Step 1) makes $42,120?

            You’ve just blown your own board credibility right out of the water.

            “Both those salaries and the pay range between $20-$25 an hour DON’T even
            meet the cost of living in OC.”

            The Bureau of Labor Statistics in May 2016 reported that the AVERAGE wage in Orange County was $26.87.

            The AVERAGE wage for Office and Administration Support was $19.67.

            So government workers have absolutely nothing to complain about since a Clerk I @ Step 1 (brand new off the street) makes MORE per hour ($20.25.hr @ $3510.mo) than the AVERAGE clerical worker makes in Orange County. PLUS, the Court Clerk gets a pension and many other lucrative benefits not available to private sector clerical workers.

            Half the county workers make less than $25.hr. The fast food joints remain open. The retail stores remain open. The gas stations remain open, 7-Elevens can find workers. There is a large supply of landscape workers. They aren’t writing any op-eds for VOC complaining about being short-changed.

            Those who YOU claim can’t afford to live in OC have two other choices:

            (1) Find a better job

            (2) Move to another county or state with a lower cost of living.

            It’s been this way forever. Did you just arrive on the planet?

            “Like it or not jealous boys, these folks need a raise.”

            Everybody thinks they’re worth more than what they make and deserve a raise. Your naivete is incredible. Have you ever lived in the real world? Have you ever had a real job?

            “Your petty, short-sighted jealousy is pathetic.”

            Jealous of whom? Court clerks? ha. You’re pathetically incredible. lol.

            So I’ve proven you wrong again with facts and figures. But you’re such a small & whiny vindictive person that I don’t expect you to acknowledge your shortcomings. Now go run in circles and bite your tail.

            I’ll let the other readers figure it out on their own.

          • justanon

            1) This is my source for the average Court Clerk salary (I used Santa Ana’s $42,327):

            2) What the average salary is and the cost of living are NOT the same thing. American worker’s wages have failed to keep up with the cost of living. I already linked to the OC Register article about workers needing to make $30 an hour to afford an average apartment.

            3) “The median annual Administrative Assistant I salary in Irvine, CA is $43,893, as of August 03, 2017, with a range usually between $39,276-$49,853 not including bonus and benefit information and other factors that impact base pay.
            Administrative Assistant I Salaries in Irvine, CA by education …

            You continue to denigrate government employees based on NOTHING, you have no idea what they do or how hard they work. You’re just a nasty, jealous, ignorant old man … now go cash your GOVERNMENT Social Security check, LOL!

          • LFOldTimer

            We aren’t discussing CITIES. Ms. Wunsch works for the COUNTY. For the OC Superior Court. I took the Court Clerk salary range schedule directly from the OC Superior Courts website. A new hire Court Clerk (CS-01) at Step 1 gets a monthly salary of $3510 or $42,120 a year. That’s a fact you cannot deny. CS-02’s and 03’s make much more. Most cities in OC don’t even have their own courts. And those salaries at Salary.com are probably beginning salaries.

            The Bureau of Labor Statistics (the government authority) reported that the mean hourly wage in OC is $26.87. The mean hourly wage for Office and Administrative Support is $19.67. And that is for the Santa Ana-Anaheim-Irvine area.


            Naturally, as I expected, you try to twist and distort the discussion by comparing apples and oranges. The topic was Court Clerks who are county employees.

            Admit it. You got smoked.

          • justanon

            Those Court Clerk salaries are from the county, figure it out, Anaheim’s, Santa Ana’s and Fullerton’s ALL show the same amount.

            Because you want to belittle and denigrate Court Clerks YOU keep mixing “apples and oranges” Court Clerks ARE comparable to Administrative Assistants, the lower average wage you cite for “Office and Administrative Support” includes file clerks, receptionists etc. bringing DOWN the average. Of course, anyone who’s read your commentary knows you wouldn’t let a little thing like FACTS and TRUTH get in the way of a good smear.

            I can’t help but wonder WHY you hate government workers so much, because I bet that you get your GOVERNMENT Social Security checks on time. Not only are you a whiner and a crank, you’re an UNGRATEFUL whiner and a crank.

          • LFOldTimer

            Court Clerks are NOT Administrative Assistants. Two different classifications entirely. Ms. Wunsch is a COURT CLERK, not an Administrative Assistant. The blog was exclusively about Court Clerks and that was the basis of our discussion. It had NOTHING to do with Administrative Assistants. Again, you’re twisting and distorting the truth. No big surprise.

            Court Clerks of the OC Superior Court have their OWN Salary Range Schedule, independent of all other county job classifications. I’ve posted it for you TWICE. This is the THIRD time. Are you so daft that you can’t process that simple piece of information? It clearly reports a Court Clerk’s salary at the OC Superior Court!!! It is TOTALLY independent of all other county jobs. DEAL WITH IT!!!


            A Court Clerk’s salary ranges from $42,120 (bottom entry salary) to $71,000 (top salary), plus a nice fat pension @ 55. That’s darn good money for a job that only requires a high school diploma as formal education.

            I don’t hate government workers. That’s yet another untruth. I hate how they’re overpaid and provided excessive benefits (defined pension) at taxpayer expense for their respective skill sets and education and the lack of work ethic standards imposed on them that promotes laziness and incompetence. Now let that concept seep between your ears and stick!

            I can’t help but wonder WHY you hate the taxpayers who are forced to finance the excessive salaries and cadillac benefits for government workers who are supposed to be public servants, not HUGE financial burdens for common productive working men and women who have no pensions and no job security. You must really be an ungrateful taxpayer hater. Are you feeding at the trough too??? Mrs. Kravitz has nothing on you!!! Hysteria gone wild!!!! lol. Old grumpy woman! .

          • justanon

            A Court Clerk is an “Administrative Assistant” to a Judge, the job title may be different but the responsibilities are comparable. There isn’t an apples-to-apples comparable in the private sector. Judges in California have very heavy case-loads and rely on their Court Clerks to keep their courtroom’s running smoothly, this is not a ‘starter’ job.

            Many Administrative Assistants don’t have a college degree either and of course, you ASSUME that Court Clerks don’t have degrees, but I bet a lot of them do.

            Their salaries are NOT “excessive” they’re in range with their private sector counterparts. They do have good benefits and good pensions (which they pay for)
            but, that begs the question, why do you want them to NOT have good benefits or pensions? Should we squeeze public employees, until they’re like Walmart workers dependent on food stamps and Medicaid?

            I am proud of the fact that government jobs pay decent wages and provide good benefits, that’s what I want my government to do, be an exemplory employer.

            The mistake you pea-brains make is assuming that because some government pensions are outrageous that all government pensions are. You also had a knee-jerk reaction to the fact that these are “Court” Clerks. You’ve been reading about the DA and a bad “court” case and you dim-wits blame everyone associated with the “courts” and forgot about the thousands of other “court” cases processed every year in this county.

            In short, you, Zenger and verified aren’t very smart to say the least, lol.

          • LFOldTimer

            I proved by my links and logic that you were factually wrong.

            You are such a small defensive person that you simply won’t admit to your shortcomings.

            Those who follow the posts can figure it out on their own.

          • justanon

            Yeah, they can.

            You rely on your lickspittle to pump you up, but most people are smarter than than that creepy, little worm. You right-wing nut jobs are so insular, a malignant mutual admiration society. You really should get out more, lol.

      • verifiedsane

        justadiaperboy ignored as usual… 🙂

  • LFOldTimer

    Leanne, in your spare time I suggest you investigate the customary compensation packages of clerical workers in the private sector. Afterwards I suspect that you’ll thank your lucky stars for what you have.

    I don’t know any clerical worker in the private sector who can retire at age 55 with a full pension. Do you?

    Plus, you’ll keep your job in the worst of economic times while clerical workers get pink slips by the millions. The job security in government work is easily worth an extra $20,000 to $25,000 a year in compensation.

    So instead of complaining about of being short-changed be thankful for what you have.

    If you think you’re worth more than what you’re making I suggest you put your resume out in the free market and see what offers you get.

  • verifiedsane

    Cry us a river…the dysfunctional support staff for one of the most corrupt courts in the nation are whining for a raise! 🙂