• Rain Lane

    Glad they don’t get bathrooms…have you ever been to a concert that offer porta-potties? They smell by day two…can you imagine the stench on that path in a few days of having toilets? Also who the F are they going to find to empty those things when the driver risks the chance of getting robbed down there? Move these people to Mexico and bring in the Mexican people willing to work!

  • dilsiam

    I live in a tiny Island, Puerto Rico and I am surprised that people can’t have porta potties in a State so vast as California.

  • Volt Man

    Stop feeding them and eventually they’ll stop crapping everywhere.

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  • David Zenger

    “…Susan Price, the woman who oversees the county’s homeless services as the director of care coordination, has plans to take care of the issue of homelessness in Orange County…”

    And so the evening turned to comedy.

    • Barry K

      she sure knows how to cash them checks

      • IsabelTPhillips

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  • LFOldTimer

    Councilwoman Barnes said that Susan Price, the County homeless czar, has plans to take care of the homelessness issue in Orange County? Really? What plans?

    Why are said “plans” being kept secret from the OC taxpayers and residents?

    Why not follow Supervisor Nelson’s advice and make the unused county plots of land in Santa Ana, Irvine and Huntington Beach available for temporary homeless campsites? Each could accommodate 200 homeless people. Why was that suggestion ignored? Not politically expedient enough?

    • Barry K

      Said plans will be revealed once she is paid 400k in county funds

    • dilsiam

      That would be a great idea, if she’s the czar of homelessness why is there an emergency with homeless people?

  • Ricardo Toro

    As 30 plus years as East Anaheim homeowner, I support the temporary placement of restrooms. Eventually the riverbed homeless encampments will be relocated.
    I hope that Kevin George will rethink his solution for the homeless who he claims are unwilling to be helped. His solution to locate them : “the ideal spot would be somewhere in the middle of the Mojave dessert….in July.”

    • Barry K

      The great park is a great place to relocate them. County owns 100+ acres there, perfect for a tent city paid for by the developers.

      • Rain Lane

        smart idea…they would need to make a large separation from recreational area from tent city…otherwise you run the same issue recreational area becoming over run by the homeless but with that type of acreage it seems very do-able

    • Rain Lane

      I would donate a great sum of money if they would be willing to relocate them to the Mojave desert in the middle of July…where can I sign up?

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