• David Zenger

    So let’s see if I’ve got this right: The former city manager oversaw an operation that grossly violated both procurement policy and the city’s muni code and the city council is not only intent on shielding that performance, but persecuting the guy who brought it to light.

    Here’s the kicker. Anybody watching local government in action would know that if it were a member of the majority the LAST thing they would want is an investigation leading to a payout. $39,000 is just the beginning of a big settlement that can be blamed on Slusie.

    Sounds like the “bullying” is being executed by the council and the staff.

    • LFOldTimer

      It’s been obvious to me that Slusiewicz has been the council’s whipping boy ever since he exposed the financial malfeasance on part of the protected class inside city government.

      They’re sending out a strong message of what happens to council snitches who have the audacity to alert the taxpayers of public treasure funny business that puts their homeboys at risk.

      Note that there wasn’t one in-house “atta boy” to Slusiewicz for uncovering the muni code violation. Only scorn.

      • David Zenger

        Isn’t it interesting that the council chooses to lump the “how” of the investigation with the “what” it turned up? The deflection to protect staff is pretty sickening. Hopefully the voters of Laguna Niguel are paying attention to the fact that their council is running cover for the bureaucracy instead of looking out for the interests of the taxpayers.