• Bill421

    Why doesn’t Mission Viejo rent out tent space and change laws to enable businesses to rent small cheap space to the homeless ? Where are the poor supposed to live ? Treat the mentally ill and enforce illegal camping / loitering and vagrancy and make truly affordable housing available or this problem does not go away.

  • Elizabeth Ann Stewart

    If we built a county home for the indigent, would the Constitution permit us to coerce them into staying there?

    • LFOldTimer

      No. But it would justify arresting them for illegal camping and vagrancy if shelter is made available and they reject it.

      I fully agree we should try to help them. If they refuse the help – we should make life uncomfortable for them. It’s basic psychology. The carrot and stick approach. It’s practiced on all of us everyday. If we play by the rules of society we’re generally rewarded. If we violate the rules of society we’re generally punished. Why shouldn’t those same rules apply to the homeless who refuse to help themselves? Is that asking too much?

  • PIFA123

    There needs to be a county wide law or laws to get these hobo’s out of here. One city makes laws and they move to the next. Make it illegal for cops from other areas to drive them to your city. Make it illegal for hospitals to drive them to your city and dump them off. It’s scary. I was coming out of the market in RSM and it was dark since it was close to 8pm. This woman came out of no where and was asking for money. Luckily I was with my son and husband. Had I been alone this really would have been scary. What the hell folks. One can not go to the store anymore and has to put up with this? Why? Unacceptable.Sorry. These poachers need to go.

    • Elizabeth Ann Stewart

      Why would you have been frightened by another woman asking for help? Did you think that she might be part of a grab and run robbery scam? Or was she just a desperate woman asking another woman for help? The problem is that we have no one to call for help, no system in place to help these people in crisis, no place for them to go, and we are not personally equipped to deal with their needs.

  • LFOldTimer

    Look, this requires a GLOBAL solution. A cooperative joint agreement among the OC cities and the County. Otherwise you’re going to see one city after another pass these strict anti-camping laws.

    Look what happened in Anaheim. The council watered down the anti-camping laws. The council gave their blessings to the Kraemer Pl. homeless shelter. Now their city is saturated with homeless people and the residents are up in arms and fit to be tied. Anaheim is now ground zero for the homeless. What politician in his or her right mind would want to deal with torches and pitchforks at their city council meeting?

    We need leadership at the top. The County should bring all the cities together for a meeting of the minds. There should be a global solution that requires all cities to do their small part to address the homeless issue. Placing the burden on a couple OC cities is wrong.

    Nelson came up with a great idea. There are 3 plots of county land in Huntington Beach, Santa Ana and Irvine that the homeless could use to temporarily pitch their tents. The land could accommodate 600 tents. They would clean out the riverbed.

    I hope everyone understands there is a very delicate balance here. If Orange County becomes the Holy Grail for the homeless population we’ll get flooded with homeless people from every California county and even from out-of-state. First off, the weather in OC is perfect for a homeless person. So climate is a primary attraction. If we give the homeless free housing, great food and the free medical care – we’ll have millions of homeless people in OC and all the associated problems. Is that what you really want?

    The homeless need care – but they need to follow the laws like the rest of us do. And the homeless need to be motivated to become productive citizens. If we spoil them that motivation goes away.

    We need tough love in the OC. And that tough love needs to be a cooperative effort with leadership at the county level and agreement from the OC cities.

    Maybe if we cleaned out the 300,000 illegal foreigners in OC we’d have more jobs and resources for our homeless. How’s that for a concept?

    • Elizabeth Ann Stewart

      The “delicate balance” that you point out is ever so true. I am not sure, however, that “tough love” deals well with either mental illness or stupidity.

      • LFOldTimer

        Thank you for your reply, Elizabeth.

        By “tough love” I mean mandating those in need to get mental health care and those who abuse drugs to stop sticking needles in their arms and get treatment. There must be an effort on their part to straighten out their lives. Otherwise we’re wasting our money and spinning our wheels.

        “Stupidity” is not a crime – but it certainly shouldn’t be rewarded.

        If they refuse to help themselves – there is nothing more we can do to save them. At that point we owe them nothing. “Tough love” is a two way street and requires work from both sides of the aisle.

  • Where are “the poor” suppose to go Mission Viejo? You can’t beat poverty out of someone nor does criminalization work. It only reflects on your lack of understanding and callousness. That’s fine if you want to contain the poor (whom society now defines as “the homeless” making it more shameful and discriminated against). If you want to be part of the humane solution each city must provide “safe ground” for the less fortunate. Mission Viejo, you must allow housing for “the homeless” in your backyard and not give rise to NIMBY groups! Also demand our county Behavioral Health Care department become the “responsible party” to monitor, house, supervise and treat the mentally ill homeless with their MHSA reserves. They are highly funded and responsible to protect and serve the mentally ill under our welfare and institution codes.

  • verifiedsane

    Next they plan to pass a NO flatulence ordinance with heavy fines….the “not in our neighborhood” approaches like this are not seeking solutions; they are just mean spirited & short sighted judgemental hill toppers moving the problem along to neighboring cities…this doesn’t reflect good leadership or will it solve anything….