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  • We call them homeless, but they are our poor.

  • Bill421

    Housing standards need to change to reflect the needs of ALL income levels. There are profitable businesses that with a small change of regulations could house the homeless at a very cheap price.

  • What a joke:
    “The penalties for violating the law are $150 for the first offense, $250 for the second and up to $500 for the third violation, said Curley in a Thursday telephone interview.

    “We’re not looking to grab people and shake the money out of their pockets,” Curley said. “We educate all of our (Sheriff’s) deputies … if someone’s there, and they don’t have alternative housing, we don’t cite them.””

    right, create a law with expensive penalties, then argue they educate the gestapo to be kind. we won’t cite them…

    Then there was Wilberg response;
    “Added Wilberg, “that’s one of my hot buttons, if you will, is when people accuse us of not doing enough for affordable housing. Because, again, back in 2008 we zoned sites for affordable housing.””
    yea right affordable housing where? lakeside? and what do they consider “affordable housing” like $500,000 per 1 bedroom per unit?

  • RyanCantor

    “Saying there’s Constitutional defects, I flat out say that’s nonsense,” Curley said.

    Strong words.

    Strong enough to personally pay for MV’s inevitable lawsuit and settlement?

  • verifiedsane

    Mission Viejo to the rest of OC….send the homeless to Santa Ana or Anaheim…it’s not our problem..

    • Sergio Garcia

      Good idea! If residents of Anaheim are coming to Mission Viejo to support camping in public parks and you have a City Council in Anaheim led by the Tait-Moreno team that supports catering to the homeless in their City, why not?

      • Support catering to the homeless? I suspect there would be a number of homeless people camping near the duckpond that will contradict that comment… or used to camp there