Clean Water Now Joins Anti-Toll Road Movement In South Orange County CA

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October 16, 2017

Contact: Roger E. Bütow Executive Director

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Clean Water Now Joins Anti-Toll Road Movement In South Orange County CA

Keep Los Patrones Parkway Free

Clean Water Now (Est. 1998) is pleased to announce that we have joined the regional movement attempting to halt the 241 Toll Road at Oso Parkway in Mission Viejo. Not one more inch of fee-based pavement should be created. The Oso Bridge and Los Patrones Parkway in Rancho Mission Viejo, currently under construction, should remain free because in our opinion any extensions of the 241 are unnecessary for the Transportation Corridor Agency to achieve mobility goals.

CWN supports and heartily endorses the litigious filing contentions made by the City of San Clemente and The Reserve Maintenance Corporation of San Clemente. We applaud Capistrano Unified School District’s Board for voting to join this litigation.

CWN is enthusiastically committed to assisting in-place community activist organizations, Open Space advocates like NOT MY TOLL ROAD and COALITION TO SAVE SAN CLEMENTE. We have begun working closely with the nascent NOT ONE MORE INCH regional campaign. CWN pledges to work with any and all SOC stakeholders, civic groups, HOAs, and those organizations who believe in far less obtrusive, unacceptably disruptive Options than the majority of those being currently proposed by the TCA.

Contrary to TCA propaganda, we do not believe that this Joint Powers Authority is either a fiscally responsible or environmentally protective entity. This is refuted by two (2) simple, indisputable facts: (a) It’s awash in red ink and going ever deeper into debt, (b) Wide swaths of invasive pavement lead to more irrevocable visual urban blight, irreparable destruction of native habitat and irreversible watershed degradation, including adverse impacts to threatened/endangered native riparian and aquatic species.

CWN has a robust 20-year history of watchdog, boots on the ground preservation, protection and restoration portfolio in the San Juan Creek Watershed. The Settlement and Protective Agreements reached between the Save San Onofre Coalition and the TCA might shelter the San Mateo Creek Watershed from further abuse and urbanization, but perversely, voluntarily “benches,” i.e., sidelines the SSOC members from performing a similar oversight NGO role that the 241 Extension desperately needs.


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  • TracyM

    Thank you. Great article. For those not directly affected by this, they should be angry about the amount of money wasted by TCA. We all work hard for our money and TCA is spending it frivolously. They say that the bond money is not taxpayer money, but if they default … guess who is responsible. And that is only a matter of time. For the supporters of a toll road, they must live outside of SC where real traffic issues are. Why haven’t they figured out that the 73 was supposed to be free next year and that they got played. Not only is that not going to happen, it is going to be another 35 years before it does (probably more, as history is sure to repeat itself …. again). The new money they received is being wasted and not used to pay down the bonds – checked out the salaries of TCA leads? The amount of money they have spent on lawyers fighting against people trying to protect our beautiful cities and open space, most of us will never see in our lifetime. Seen the crazy amounts of money spent for PR and bogus surveys? If the 73 were free now, the road would be utilized and the traffic relief that is being promised would actually happen. A toll road THROUGH SJC, SC, RMV, Ladera is NOT going to relieve the traffic for all of those driving from Mission Viejo to Irvine to Long Beach. Again, making the 73 FREE most certainly would. Putting children at risk, destroying homes and businesses, paving over precious natural habitats … for what? It doesn’t make any sense. Get rid of the TCA. Take control of our roads and stop being held hostage.

  • Joanna Mathews

    Thank you for being ethical and caring about the future and preservation of the environment.

  • tob2_happy_2

    We are delighted Clean Water Now has joined the groups trying to get the irresponsible TCA to stop Terrorizing our Communities Again. The TCA should not build a driveway let alone a transportation corridor – pay down the debt and NO ONE wants your 20 year failed plans. No 241 extension now or ever

  • Eva O’Ke

    Thank you Roger Butow for protecting San Juan, San Clemente, Rancho Mission Viejo and Ladera from the disastrous idea of fishing a Toll Way through homes, parks, hiking trails, schools and churches.

  • NotMyTollRoadSouthOC

    So Wonderful! Thank you Clean Water Now! #no241TollRoadExtension #disbandtheTCA