• jim.swanek


    Will the author pay for the hospital bills, either of someone retrieved from the street, or the good deed-doer knifed in their efforts?


  • The_Dread_Pirate_ Roberts

    Sounds right out of the Scientology playbook. Scientology does not believe in mental illness and will charge lots of money to get Xenu out of your head.

  • verifiedsane

    “Science has discovered some of the pathways, causes and effects, but
    unless you are involved and informed, most people don’t understand that
    these are biological illnesses of the brain.” Here we go again with the promotion of a false narrative…making huge claims without any proof…remember the chemical imbalance theory…it has also been thoroughly & widely debunked by any credible medical publication and the wider medical community…Holzmann is a TAC/NAMI flimflam man…NAMI and their extreme political off-shoot TAC are predominately Pharmaceutical Industry funded fronts…Holzman is promoting a product and a one trick pony approach/message..while using all the same techniques and smooth salesmanship that you watch in those drug commercials on TV. They always talk about compassion and understanding; yet in reality it’s about more control, promoting the failed drugging modality, and in the end drug industry profits..read more and become involved in the debate…..https://www.madinamerica.com/2014/03/dear-nami-apologies-ive-unfair/