• Jerry Slusiewicz

    David – My point exactly! Staff put the City of LN into the mess – so now the majority on the Council feel they are the best ones to fix it? David – you are correct – the Council members ALL feel they are fiscally conservative – but their actions prove they don’t even know what that means! Where is the transparency to the taxpayers? Sure all the money is accounted for – the City has receipts as they paid contract vendors huge sums OVER the contract limits or the targeted “base” amounts. And who made those payments? Staff! So how can anyone believe they are best equipped to fix it?

    • LFOldTimer

      No good deed goes unpunished, Jerry. See what you get for being a good steward of the public treasure?

      They bullied you into resigning your mayoral seat for exposing the rot in city government. Now that the rot is obvious to those of us who can see through the smoke they claim no outside investigation (audit) is warranted. ha. Move along. Nothing to see here. lol.

      Wash, rinse, repeat…..

      Much better to have Dracula do an internal operational audit of the blood bank records. lol.

      You must feel like a fish out of water on that council dais, Jerry. Just so you know – some of us out here truly appreciate your call to duty and your courage to stand there and take punches for doing the right thing in defense of the taxpayers.

      If you ever run for higher office, you’ve got my vote, Sir.

  • David Zenger

    “We have the greatest talents of Wall Street … in our city (on the committee),” Minagar said. “We have a lot of watchdogs in place.”

    And so how did this embarrassment happen in the first place? This City doesn’t need any Wall Street financial advisors on a footling committee. it needs a comprehensive audit of all its contracts by an independent CPA.

    The city staff has already proven their inability to follow policy and even the municipal code, so now they’re going to be trusted to right the ship after they were the ones who scuttled it?

    And I bet each one of those councilmembers ran as fiscally conservative Republicans.