• Concerned Citizen

    The truth of the matter is that Santa Ana actually did very little for the homeless for so many years. And what affordable housing funds they did use they wasted on boondoggle projects like the AMCAL first Street development where almost $10 million will go to Vince Sarmiento’s buddy Mario Turner for just 69 units of affordable housing…that no homeless person can afford in a bad area with bad schools. Another future slum. Imagine if that $10 million was used in a more responsible manner that helped more people. Vinnie fired and lost employees, just so his buddy can get a payday instead of actually helping people. A soulless human being. Corrupt Santa Ana as usual.

    Rampant crime, rampant homelessness, terrible library system, almost 20% dropout rate in its scary school system, paying someone hundreds of thousands of dollars not to be City Manager and now downtown fading once again as hipsters move on; the City Council of Santa Ana with incompetent, corrupt officials like Sarmiento (Who makes his money getting people drunk) is sinking back into the cesspool of OC cities. Oh wait, it never actually left the cesspool.

  • Ed Romero

    I remember way back in 1969 when I first was employed by the County of Orange, the Homeless problem was already there. The City and County tried to solve the problem back then but the Courts got in their way and so we still have the same problem today 48 years later. I’m all for helping the Homeless but they also have to do their part. A perfect example of what I’m talking about is that former OCTA Bus Terminal, as soon as the Homeless saw the sign that said “NO DRUGS, NO ALCOHOL AND NO SEX, most of them just walked away.

  • Robin Rodriguez

    Are you kidding me!! How dare we deny there rights?? To what stinking up the place and making S.A. the laughing stock of O.C. !! You need to stop ENABLING these people to be lazy!!!

  • William Gevo Stonewall III

    The legality of their Ordinance is laughable and will never stand up to a court battle.

    This is what happens when a liberal government chooses to not enforce the laws on the books due to allegedly humanitarian reasons, and/or to pander for votes.

    Now they’re stuck with the 3rd World Utopia that they allowed to assemble on the Mall.


  • frustrated


    “The email was released last month as part of a massive document dump in a class-action lawsuit filed in Ohio by hundreds of conservative groups who were targeted for extra review and intrusive questioning.
    It contradicts the IRS’s official stance over the years contending that conservative groups were wrongly scrutinized, but it was a result of their behavior, not their politics.
    Instead, the April 1, 2011, email from Elizabeth C. Kastenberg, an official in the agency’s exempt organizations division, says it was explicitly the organizations’ politics that landed them on the target list.
    “These cases are held back primarily because of their political party affiliation rather than specifically any political activities,” Ms. Kastenberg wrote in an alert to other IRS employees, including her supervisor”.

  • frustrated

    “All these folks that come in from out of town, from other cities, and they tell us that we’re not doing enough [and] what we need to do – you go back and you look at what those cities are doing, and they’re not even beginning to scratch the surface,” Pulido said.

    Costa Mesa has very few services.

  • frustrated

    “This ordinance is about trying to establish, once again, safety and health for all. To vote against this would be discriminating against everybody.”

    No that would not because that’s the authority figures that are being authoritarian against the people and violating their rights to their property, these people are not your authority figures and they voted on this with NO PUBLIC INPUT. “The cops are criminals while on duty and violate the citizens rights and laws while they are on duty”.

  • frustrated

    “In our opinion, it is not unconstitutional to require permits. Cities across the United States require them. We are not prohibiting these services,” Carvalho said of the service providers.

    “We are not asking these religious groups to stop doing what they do,” but simply creating regulations that ensure public health and safety, she said.

    As for enforcing the city’s ban on tents at the Civic Center, Carvalho said the city can ticket people for erecting tents and sleeping in them, but is not doing that at night.

    “Well that’s utter BS if I’ve ever heard it”.

  • frustrated

    I was evicted from the apartment because the neighbors bullied us out of the apartment and the Sheriffs department locked us out 3 months ago, I was minding my own business and have been robbed by a lawyer for 16 years of salary, she actually stated to me: “I will never pay you”.

  • frustrated

    City officials say the measure – which bans any enclosed spaces, along with food and medical services without prior city permission – is necessary to protect public health and safety, including city workers, people visiting government buildings in the Civic Center, and homeless people themselves.

    But advocates for homeless people, including several attorneys, say it’s unconstitutional and cruel.

    You cannot deny medical services because it’s a violation of the laws.

  • Elizabeth Ann Stewart

    Somebody mentions a vacant military base. Is there such a thing in Orange County? If so, what entity owns it? Who would be liable if homeless people were allowed and encouraged to camp there?

    • justanon

      The Marine Corps Air Station El Toro (now the Great Park) and the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps air station Tustin where the giant Blimp Hangers are.

  • chubbers

    The County of Orange needs to join forces with the City of Santa Ana. Not one person should get sole credit or have a pissing match,it has to be a unified program.

    I understand there are homeless children, they need to be first, locate them to areas which have great schools like Lake Forest, Irvine, Dana Point, Laguna Beach etc. There are plenty of business / industrial facilities which can be modified as homes to help the children.

    For disabled Vets they need to build facilities at the Great Park which include mental health services on premises etc. If they can build a cemetery to respect the servicemen, why not provide homes at a budget.

    They can also make additional affordable housing units at the Great Park for physically and mentally disabled adults plus for foster children who age out and are homeless.

    In the city of Orange there is a large piece of property caddy corner from Santiago Community College.
    They can build apartment complexes 50% low income for 30 years and 50% 3/4″ of market rate. This will give homeless families a chance to have children in stable school environment.

    In Yorba Linda they have the capability to allow low income housing, so children can have equal access to good schools.

    Dana Point, county, city and state can buy out dilapidated business, homes to raze and create affordable housing so children may get a chance for, again, access to good schools.

    Drug users and sellers, hookers,addicted people who do not like rules parameters should not have services taken to them. Let them go to services make a requirement Countywide that they have to carry the minimum on their person, no collecting junk, they will always be wanderers but they cannot bully the citizens from public places/ government facilities etc.

    The state County and all municipalities need to make a move.

    • LFOldTimer

      Don’t expect the Santa Ana council to help the homeless. Now they want to throw them in jail for not having a place to live.

      The City of Santa Ana gives higher priority to protecting indigent illiterate illegal foreign aliens than it does to homeless disabled veterans and citizens.

      They give Sanctuary to illegals. They pass laws to throw our homeless citizens in the slammer.

      • justanon


        Does Lake Forest have an anti-camping ordinance?

        How many shelters are in Lake Forest?

        Why should Santa Ana be the ONLY city in OC that doesn’t have an anti-camping ordinance?


        “Bottom-feeding hypocrites.”

        Santa Ana has been bearing the brunt of Orange County’s homeless population for decades, you have a lot of nerve calling anybody else a “hypocrite”, living as you do, in a city that does zilch for the homeless.

        You have zero self-awareness ….HYPOCRITE!

        • LFOldTimer

          You have no idea what city I live in, doofus

          But I do live in a city that does not give official sanctuary to indigent illiterate illegal foreign aliens while throwing homeless citizens in jail for not having a place to live.

          Any American who treats illegal aliens w/ more dignity and respect than our own homeless citizens is sleazier than pond scum.

          The American flag should be removed from the SA council chambers.

          I pray that Trump severs all Federal grants from those turncoat ingrates.

          • justanon

            Hah, you LIVE in a Sanctuary State ….doofus.

            Again, LFOldBigot doesn’t care about the homeless or their plight he’s just using them to attack “illegals” or in other words the dreaded brown people.

            He’s nothing more than a frustrated, hateful, old racist who should shut up and mind his own city’s business.

  • LFOldTimer

    So let me see if I understand this correctly.

    The Santa Ana council declares their city a SANCTUARY CITY welcoming indigent illiterate illegal foreign aliens with open arms. This means the illegals can use the city’s resources and steal jobs from US citizens who are homeless and contribute to overcrowded and unaffordable housing in the city.

    And now the City of SA wants to throw US citizens who happen to be homeless in jail because they can’t find work to support themselves or housing that they can afford.

    The City of Santa Ana values indigent illiterate illegal foreign aliens more than US citizens.

    What a bunch of unamerican low-life bottom feeders. All of them should be deported.

    • justanon


      LIE # 1:
      “The Santa Ana council declares their city a SANCTUARY CITY welcoming indigent illiterate illegal foreign aliens with open arms”

      Santa Ana has had homeless people living at the Civic Center for at least 25 years, the homeless situation has NOTHING to do with Sanctuary City status.

      LIE # 2:
      “This means the illegals can use the city’s resources and steal jobs from US citizens who are homeless and contribute to overcrowded and unaffordable housing in the city.”

      Santa Ana’s undocumented population also PRE-DATES SCS, you have NEVER EVER offered ANY PROOF that SCS has increased SA’s undocumented population. Until you do, please ..STFU!!!

      SA has borne the brunt of the homeless situation in OC for decades because we HAVEN’T had an anti-camping ordinance, so save you faux outrage towards SA and put it where it belongs … YOUR home town of Lake Forest. When Lake Forest (and every other OC city) takes their fair share of the homeless, then and ONLY THEN can you cast stones at SA!

      • LFOldTimer

        1. READ THE STORY! Santa Ana has decided to throw homeless US citizens in jail, per the anti-camping ordinance. READ: “Those accused of violating the ordinance can be
        prosecuted either with infractions or misdemeanor charges. A misdemeanor
        conviction can carry up to six months in jail, a $1,000 fine, or both.
        The new law is scheduled to go into effect Dec. 8.”

        Yet Santa Ana declared itself a SANCTUARY CITY – meaning that it PROTECTS indigent illiterate illegal foreign aliens from going to jail or being deported for committing crimes against our country, which include illegal entry, STEALING jobs from our homeless citizens and depressing wages for the working poor and saturating the housing market – causing overcrowding and accelerated rents!!!

        2. Oh sure. Santa Ana tells the world that it will protect indigent illiterate illegal foreign aliens from the long arm of the law for crimes committed against our country – and it won’t attract more indigent illiterate illegal foreign aliens to their city?? HAH! Stop insulting the intelligence of the average reader of these comments!!

        3,. You have no idea where I live. So STFU.

        • justanon

          MORE LIES!!!

          “Santa Ana has decided to throw homeless US citizens in jail, per the anti-camping ordinance”

          Yeah, Santa Ana is going to institute what EVERY OTHER CITY in OC has, an anti-camping ordinance, but why bag on SA???

          Why not go to your OWN CITY COUNCIL and demand a REPEAL of their anti-camping ordinance, HYPOCRITE???

          Why should SA bear the brunt of the homeless???

          “SANCTUARY CITY – meaning that it PROTECTS indigent illiterate illegal foreign aliens from going to jail or being deported for committing crimes against our country”

          What SCS REALLY means:

          SCS policies prohibit police or city employees from questioning people about their immigration status and refusing requests by federal immigration authorities to detain people beyond their release date, if they were jailed for breaking local law.

          “3,. You have no idea where I live. So STFU.”

          LFOldTimer, hey clueless it’s right there in your ‘name’ LAKE FOREST, am I also not to conclude that you are old? Lol.

          • LFOldTimer

            Sanctuary City = A city that places obstacles before our US Immigration law enforcement officers deterring them from efficiently and effectively carrying out their sworn duties to interdict and deport criminal foreign aliens who are in our country illegally.

            It’s obvious that you place the health and welfare of illegal foreign aliens above that of our own homeless citizens – just like the City of Santa Ana does.

            You’re about as unamerican as it gets.

            Too bad we can’t deport turncoat Americans. You’d be first in line to go.

            And with that I put your claptrap back on ignore. lol.

          • justanon

            “I put your claptrap back on ignore. lol.”

            Yeah, because you CAN’T back up your BS!

            You’re always blaming SA’s homeless on their Sanctuary City Status but have yet to provide ONE SHRED OF EVIDENCE that that is true. I WANT DATA!!!!!

            How many times have YOU gone to your OWN City Council and demanded a roll-back of their anti-camping ordinance?

            The truth is, you just want to lob bombs at SA because you’re a RACIST HYPOCRITE. You care more about “illegals” than the homeless, but you USE the homeless as a cover for your RACIST AGENDA, otherwise you’d be at your own City Council meetings demanding camping rights or shelters (in your city) for the homeless.

          • verifiedsane

            IGNORED 🙂

          • Robin Rodriguez

            Preach it !! Justanon

      • verifiedsane


    • verifiedsane

      Should be great fun watching the hate mongering Leftist provocateurs eating crow, as Dems drown in their self created & financed Russian hoax….http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/10/25/fusion-gps-fallout-dnc-clinton-fbi-take-heat-after-bombshell-that-dems-funded-trump-dossier.html

      • justanon

        Is that what they’re telling you on Fox ‘news’?

        Silly, sad, gullible, chump…. David Corn reported that over a year ago:

        Mother Jones OCT, 31, 2016
        “This was for an opposition research project originally financed by a Republican client critical of the celebrity mogul. (Before the former spy was retained, the project’s financing switched to a client allied with Democrats.) “It started off as a fairly general inquiry,” says the former spook, who asks not to be identified. But when he dug into Trump, he notes, he came across troubling information indicating connections between Trump and the Russian government. According to his sources, he says, “there was an established exchange of information between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin of mutual benefit.”

        Mueller’s KNOWN about it and is still going forward, trump and his allies are in deep doo-doo, lol!

        • verifiedsane

          IGNORED 🙂

      • LFOldTimer

        Criminal complaint filed with the Federal Election Commission against the Clinton Campaign and the DNC for non-disclosure of campaign finance expenditures. lol.

        Trump has totally flipped the Russian conspiracy scandal back onto Clinton and the DNC w/ the fake dossier scandal payments and Uranium One. lol.

        Time for another Special Prosecutor.


        “Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee violated campaign finance law by failing to disclose payments for a dossier on Donald Trump, according to a complaint filed Wednesday with the Federal Election Commission.”


        • justanon

          In your fevered wet dreams, you two chumps fall for anything, lol!

  • kburgoyne

    I shall withhold judgement until we see how “permit from the city” proceeds. If “permit from the city” is used to enforce responsible organized services rather than as a means to deny services, then I can find it reasonable. Nick, please be sure to follow-up on how “permit from the city” is being handled.

  • LagunaTri

    “Criminalizing them for simply existing.” Hardly. Most choose this life. There are services available, but the population treats them like a revolving door. They’ll take the bed and the meals, but no rules. They don’t want to take their meds, go to the job provided for them, go to counseling, stay clean. I volunteered at a shelter for two years, I’ve seen it. Homeless children should be the priority; these people have choices and refuse to help themselves. Set aside a former military base, give them food and shelter and be done. We’re throwing good money after bad when there are populations whose lives could truly be changed with these resources.

    • Elizabeth Ann Stewart

      “former military base”????

  • PIFA123

    How dare you try to deny the rights of nonprofits and
    the faith based groups to serve the homeless residents with food,
    clothing, and shelter?” No problem let them camp out on the property of churches and non-profits. The court house is not a shelter and should be for all that have business there. They should not be forced to do business in this kind of environment. What these non-profits do with the property they are on is of no consequence so go for it. Fill your area up with these souls you choose to help or shut up..

    • frustrated

      “The courts are corrupt”! – So are the cops and the Sheriff’s Department.

  • verifiedsane

    What a complete fiasco….a bunch of ivory tower oligarchs playing petty politics with a population that has zero voice….we must be moving into the political season…