• Bob and Barb

    Maps 116 and 128 were maps that Mayor Voigts had no competition from other sitting council members. That’s why he voted for them. Maps 109 and 110 had the least deviations, the most compactness, and kept communities together the best. Neither was chosen.

  • David Zenger

    The idea behind Hamilton’s concept is called “cracking” in gerrymandering parlance. The idea is to dilute the minority, likely Democrat voters by splitting them into preponderantly white, Republican districts.

    I don’t think that would survive a legal challenge.

  • Thomas R. Cagley

    Befuddle is a generous description of the events! The City Clerk had to bring Council back on topic numerous times and tried to make sense out of motions to proceed. Perhaps the most confusing was when the consultant began the discussion with a map no one had seen, #129. Without doubt map 110 met the criteria of one-man one-vote most accurately, yet it was rejected with instructions to adjust both 116 and 128 to meet the criteria.