• dale427

    Perhaps the Sheriff should should have not publicized the discovery. Then they could have watched to see who accessed the tunnel. Poor work by the Sheriff.

  • disqus_DkKuQWUPU9

    I drive by this tunnel on Fairview every morning and without a hitch, there are always a group of homeless people standing in front of the tunnel entrance. Safe to say, it’s theirs.

  • No they are not all drug addicts and criminals because I am homeless due to being evicted and I am not a drug addict or criminal, many of them need specified help and there are no programs for specialized needs in Orange County, this has nothing to do with being mentally ill because there are a lot that are not mentally ill either and have no diagnosis for mental illness. I have been accused of being mentally ill and I do not believe the so called doctors diagnoses, yet they tell me that I am in denial with no proof to show for it. I am angry that nothing is being done.

    • LFOldTimer

      It’s that age old question: Which came first? The chicken or the egg?

      Does mental illness cause homelessness or does homelessness cause mental illness?

      There’s a darn good argument for both sides of that question.

      Probably fifty-fifty.

    • verifiedsane

      The without home population is quite diverse…I haven’t seen a single reliable study or break down of this population by social-economic status (point and time surveys are hardly substantive and lack accuracy). It would be quite interesting to have some actual accurate data that breaks down the numbers for substance abuse, parolees, mentally ill, etc. I don’t see how a functional homeless plan can be created without even knowing this vital information to begin with.

  • verifiedsane

    A group of homeless build a bunker that can hold 1000 stolen bikes along the river channel and no one notices until they clear the homeless encampment…? Something is very wrong with this picture….

    • LFOldTimer

      Yeah, apparently the county never inspects the flood control channels which are ripe for illicit activities until opportune times arise when the Supervisors can beat on their chests and justify their vote to rid the river bank of the homeless. Then, lo and behold, look what we found!!! lol.

      And no one knows whether the homeless have any connection to the bike stash. We can guess. Maybe or maybe not. But since the county and the cops haven’t done their job over the years, we’ll never know.

      Until I read this article I had no idea that the bike stash was located over 2 miles away from the closest homeless encampment in FV. Reading the OCR I thought the stash was located right under the Fountain Valley encampment that was cleared. The OCR reported that the stash was located directly beneath the FV homeless encampment. Yet this VOC blog contradicts that with a map showing that the stash was over 2 miles away. lol. Go figure.

      No wonder the common serfs don’t know what to believe or disbelieve anymore. There is so much fake news going around we’re in a total state of confusion.

      Beware of news sources that back the political establishment.

  • Rain Lane

    EYE ROLL…seriously there are no complaints about crimes with gang members on the river trail I have ridden the SART numerous times (more than 100) and I have never seen any gang members (unless they dress and act like homeless to fit in) down there…The homeless are always riding a bike and towing one in…every time I am on the trail…People need to stop supporting the homeless peoples rights unless you want to support them in your own house with your own money! They do NOT have a right to live on a trail that people pay taxes into for recreation!

  • frustrated

    “All cops whether they are Sheriff’s deputies or not are criminals and violate the the laws and rights of the citizens while they are on duty”.

  • David Zenger

    The narrative in Anaheim being pitched by The Pringle Blog (in advance of next year’s elections) is a lawless post-apocalyptic dystopia about which which the pearl-clutchers can whine and gurgle about impending doom – unless PringleCorps® hand-picked candidates get elected.

    The faux hysteria is pretty funny. The misinformation being deliberately peddled by the the OCSD and OC Public Works propagandists isn’t funny at all.

  • frustrated

    Advocates for homeless people said the Sheriff’s Department was misleading and criticized the department for linking homeless people to alleged crimes without evidence.

    “It’s really irresponsible to attribute potential crime to people experiencing homelessness, or people living in homeless encampments, without any evidence to support that,” said Eve Garrow, a homelessness policy advocate with the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California.

    “It really feeds into these narratives around homeless encampments as public safety threats, and feeds into a narrative that justifies the removal of encampments and the persecution of people who are just too poor to afford a place to live,” she added. “It feeds into this very dangerous narrative that then gets used by public officials to use a law enforcement approach to respond to homelessness, instead of responding to people’s needs.”

    • lrdlrd

      They are all drug addicts and criminals