• Robert Dale

    Support VOC anyway you can.
    We are pioneering here. Lots of alternative news out there.
    Civic investigative journalism is critical to improving our towns.
    VOC is the best. Especially for a news poor town like mine.
    La Habra is the mini Bell of OC. Citizens voted for a sales tax increase for more parks, & beautification.
    We are 50 acres short of our park acreage General Plan requirement.
    Instead we got a new city hall we didn’t need. Is the Register going to report that?

    • Didn’t Stanton do something like that only they gave themselves a raise?

      • Robert Dale

        Yes, Not sure if Stanton is the only other city in OC with added sales tax?

      • David Zenger

        Westminster did it. Pay raises for everybody.

  • While the thousand dollar mark may beyond the reach of some, it insures that VOC gets responsible people. I doubt only lobbyists and other self interest groups would be interested at that level. I’m pretty middle class and I’m considering it because I believe that VOC is our most vocal proponent for open and transparent government, using both of those terms in the broadest sense.

    Oh, and let’s not forget…..it is a matching fund fundraiser.

    • David Zenger

      It’s obviously a fund raising scheme and a pretty transparent one. Charging people $1000 to share their opinions so they can feel important? Then pretending it has real value to the community? That’s sad.

      • I disagree, David. People want to feel their opinion is valued. And no one is going to give VOC or any other news outlet a thousand bucks if they don’t share their journalistic slant. Face it, would you give a thousand dollars to the OC Register?

        • David Zenger

          Sorry, Jeff, but I disagree. If you were a lobbyist and could influence public opinion by handing over a grand when you stood to make 100 times that much on a “win bonus” wouldn’t it be worth it?

          And anybody else who is willing to buy their opinion into relevancy doesn’t have an opinion that’s worth a plug nickle.

          • Nope, disagree. No savvy lobbyist is going to take this for an actual opportunity to influence journalism. But, the dogooders, naive as they are, with money in their pockets, will think, “hey, I’m gonna have real influence and power for my grand”…….not the same thing. I’ll give ’em kudos for putting Barbara Venezia on the real board because she is well known in the community, not so much for her journalistic insight though.

            And, let’s not forget, they have a REAL board. This is just the advisory (feel good) board you get to be on for a grand. Me, I understand this. But, I like the idea my thousand will be matched by a grant, essentially doubling what I think is a good bet.

          • David Zenger

            In other words it sounds a lot like a con played on the do-gooders.

            Okay. Then let me put it like this: if you want my thou to operate your enterprise, then just say so and forget the “we’re looking for the best and brightest” BS. Instead: “For a grand you get to sit down together twice a year and tell us what your ideas and/or gripes are.”

          • I like it…..

  • LFOldTimer

    Looking for the best, the brightest and the richest.


  • David Zenger

    “Advisory board members, who will contribute $1,000 annually…”

    Well, you just eliminated 99% of possible positive contributors. Maybe you’ll reel in a few lobbyists.

    • RyanCantor


      Exposing the Insiders . . . sponsored by The Insiders.

      That said, I hope VoOC keeps up the good work. Not sure this is the best idea they’ve ever had.