• Anita Hynds

    I do agree with the rules of the City of Brea. They do not have to change any regulations. The group of ACLU are violent people. A protester jumped on his car, others hit it. Police arrested the driver for felony assault. They are asking to the Brea City to change their rules for their own convenience. All rallies cost a lot of money.to the City of Brea.

  • Bruce Durgess

    Thomas Jefferson turning over in his grave. What country does Brea think they are in?

  • frustrated

    Have you ever heard of the phrase: “I will not go quietly”.

  • frustrated

    “You can have concealed weapons in Orange County. So, you’re actually looking at a situation where having a handgun on Birch Street would be okay, but for cardboard thicker than this: jail time! That will get you on the late night talk shows if you pass this next month,” Diamond said, as he slammed a cardboard box on the podium.

    He protested against the Mayor of Brea, GOOD FOR HIM!

  • frustrated

    They created the reasons for the protests and then they want to take the protests away from you and make you a civilized monkey.

  • frustrated

    Why are the Newport Beach Libraries staff telling people that they cannot make noise in their buildings when everything makes noise including the clicking of the fingers on the keyboards, the staff are making more noise than the citizens themselves in telling the citizens to be quiet so their policies need to changed because they were not written for the citizens because the staff are citizens too.

  • frustrated

    “So we came up with this ordinance that would harmonize the right to speech … with safety protection and stopping the interference of people going into businesses and running their businesses,” Markman said.

  • Diamond needs to do a little more research. It’s actually already illegal to bring a firearm, concealed or otherwise, to a protest, demonstration, picket line, etc.

    The proposed ordinance shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who knows the Republican slant in this part of OC. Republicans and Democrats both care little about Constitutional rights when they interfere with their own agendas.

    • frustrated

      The cops bring weapons (batons, guns, armoured vehicles, etc.) to the protests, that makes the cops paid criminals.

  • kburgoyne

    I was inclined to think the restrictions of paraphernalia were not too bad, but the argument about people being able to carry concealed weapons was pretty good.

    “protesting has been out of control in this country” — She probably wouldn’t have appreciated the Vietnam War protests either.

    Charging people for the constitutional right to assembly is rather an interesting legal area. I wonder what the Founders would have thought of the British Crown charging colonists for the right to assemble. The Crown did make the argument that the colonies were being taxed for the costs of their own protections. Was the Crown unjustly attacked for it?

    • frustrated

      ‘The country was FOUNDED ON PROTEST AGAINST THE ENGLISH REGIME (We won our independence from England’s draconian ways.) We have a right to protest.

  • David Zenger

    Markman. Heh.