• verifiedsane

    This property has been sitting in a political vortex and vacant for decades….This is what happens when cities play politics with businesses….simply follow the dirty money and influence peddling..typical OC government institutionalized corruption and gross incompetence on display…

  • frustrated

    Robbed of everything I had 4 days ago and the cops don’t care because I’m homeless, 2 backpacks and a grocery bag of cd’s and dvd’s gone from the seat of the truck parked on Irvine Avenue in Costa Mesa. Had my Insulin medications in one of the bags. Whoever it was even stold my coffee cups.

  • Cynthia Ward

    Do I even need to guess at the name of the lobbyist pushing for the development of the additional space? I think we can all take a pretty good estimate at the ID of that individual, as well as who works in that office. Nope, nothing to see here, folks. Business as usual.

    • frustrated

      Anything to do with Jim Righeimer?