• verifiedsane

    Mental Health Reform?…Who’s kidding Who? The BOS will take this down the rabbit hole issue into secret meetings to figure out how they can profit and make political hay from the supposed “Reform” of this completely dysfunctional and corrupt human labeling system. Everyone knows by now how this corrupt & self serving oligarchy works! The Truth…Who gets diverted from the criminal justice system to the mental health system is solely based upon the skills/sleaziness of attorney’s for the accused. The system is flawed & rigged; while being an insult to the law abiding public.

    • Marina

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  • frustrated

    “But the state’s Department of Managed Health Care wrote in a settlement it brokered with Magellan that “CalOptima received notice regarding providers refusing mental health services to CalOptima Medi-Cal enrollees,” although it doesn’t say how many providers were refusing services”.

    So why don’t you go and find out how many providers were refusing services. Go get it done.

    How do you cure a mental illness if you do not have a mental illness but are being accused of having a mental illness.

  • frustrated

    “I’m just so frickin’ frustrated right now because everyone wants me to do stuff for them for free, they don’t want to give me any moolah and don’t understand that I have bills to pay”.

  • frustrated
  • frustrated

    Criminalizing Homelessness: I was EVICTED:

    “Instead, at the request of Supervisor Andrew Do, they opted Tuesday to take the talks behind closed doors for an unspecified amount of time.
    Over the past decade, the supervisors and their predecessors – who control public spending for mental health services and jails in Orange County – have cut county funding for health programs, according to county data, while adding tens of millions in funding to the Sheriff’s Department which polices the jails”.


  • frustrated

    “But a majority of county supervisors turned down a request from one of their colleagues to start a public discussion of what they might want to implement”.

  • frustrated

    It is because the cops are shooting and killing people that do not have mental illnesses and are accusing the people that they are mentally ill when they are not mentally ill, they are making diagnoses without having a proper diagnosis from a qualified mental health professional doctor.

  • xxwpxx

    Homeless advocates have been one of the louder voices here in OC over the past few years on this exactly, criminalizing the homeless and mentally ill doesn’t work and is expensive. They’ve argued that seriously addressing the mental health issue/system, and utilizing the current MHSA surplus, we would also be seriously addressing 1/3 of the homeless problems in OC. Let’s face it: To a hammer (sheriff) everything is a nail. They’ve been trying to hammer a screw in for (at least) the last 4 years, all while people have been yelling to “use a screwdriver!”. I cant fully blame the sheriff here, much of that falls with the BoS. But some type of epiphany, this is not.

    • frustrated

      Board of Supervisors (for what exactly) Todd Spitzer wants T-Racks job as DA after the DA fired him, so what makes him qualified when T-Rack isn’t even qualified either and keeps coming up with excuses, Spitzer can’t even manage his own sponsored job fairs, I know because I’ve been to a few of them.

      • R J

        Spitzer probably couldn’t manage a Denny’s, er Wahoo’s ; )