• Roger Butow

    This is why God created the VofOC on the 8th day :+)
    The OCR is so far behind the curve, basically low-balled or ignored this issue as they are propped up by the political machinery….so they toss public stakeholders a X-mas cookie, lip service, instead of specifically citing, calling out agencies like the TCA and our own BOS:

  • Jibaro De Lytle Creek

    Have been reading the Road Charge report just out last Friday. The hypothesis is completely inadequate therefore the reader should beware of any and all recommendations. Oy Veh.

  • Roger Butow

    “Politics is religion without morality.” Socrates
    “The welfare of the people is the ultimate law.” Cicero

  • Elizabeth Corder

    Finally, some real reporting based on observations of how the TCA chooses to conduct itself. Thank you Mr. Custodio for spotlighting this constant violation of public stakeholders’ rights.

  • David Zenger

    This was cooked up by the TCA bureaucrats to shield themselves from embarrassment and the tedium of public comment that can be very embarrassing and very tedious. So what? They are all paid and and paid well to do whatever it is they do.

    The real shame here is that the politicians on this board are so eager to acquiesce. I guess their time is also too precious to be bothered with the annoyance of public scrutiny.

    Spitzer’s “outrage” is ironic given that almost every thing the agency does is relentlessly opaque.

  • Roger Butow

    More like public SCREW-TINY!
    What’s needed is an ACLU 1st Amendment intervention. litigation, punitive damages to punish them and make examples of their arrogance……better yet a public MUTINY.
    The public stakeholders, if they have objections/concerns, have basic Constitutional rights for a redress of grievances before governance, petition openly at these hearings on an item-by-item basis.
    Testifying at the beginning, expecting these brain dead elected officials to remember the complaints for 15 minutes let alone over the course/end of 4-5 hours of deliberations is absurd.
    Watch the video of 12/14: Barely quorum, then they begin trickling/sneaking out until there’s only a skeleton crew by the ending 3rd public comment period.
    This is intentional: Can’t hold them accountable to what they didn’t hear, i.e., plausible deniability.
    The only things that they remember are: (1) Who stuffed/will stuff their campaign coffers, and (2) Surreptitious political IOUs, i.e., back door deals, who/what they support in the future masked as public good.

  • Joanna Mathews

    Public participation has been hindered from the TCA for a long time. I did not know about the first 2 forums that they held and per some of the comments left from those 2 forums, that not too many people showed up and knew about it or the plans for what they were doing. I went to the 3rd forum and couldn’t get in but I saw the video and it appeared to be a session with information selected by the TCA. At their board meetings many appear to not listen to the public comments and the only time the CEO of TCA or another board member not affiliated with San Clemente answers is when Spitzer speaks up and questions something. It’s been a frustrating public process with the TCA. This extension is to benefit the lobbyists, transportation groups, economic coalitions, developers. TCA claims it will benefit San Clemente but why is the city it will supposedly benefit from it, opposing it? Because we know there are less invasive solutions to solve traffic and our open protected space is to help offset the negative effects of urbanization and we have concerns about the health and safety of our residents as well as soil concerns being in ancient landslide areas with areas slipping throughout our city.

    • Jibaro De Lytle Creek

      HAve there been hard copies of these reports at any local library? If not how can they achieve title 9 fed standard of information dissemination?

  • cordycord

    The TCA regularly cancels their public meetings as well, because operating away from public scrutiny works best for this JPA.