• LFOldTimer

    It’s very sad how our institutions of higher learning have been turned into incubators for academics who misuse their training to profess hysterical emotionalism as opposed to rational, logical and intelligent thought.

    If any of these demagogues woke up in the morning and found a stranger cooking breakfast for themselves in their kitchens they wouldn’t be able to call 911 fast enough to have the intruder evicted and arrested for breaking and entering. All of them have locks on their front doors to keep unauthorized intruders out.

    Yet they chastise a nation of people for wanting to secure their international borders and expel those who intentionally break and enter the doors of their homeland. All nations have borders. All nations have immigration laws. You can’t name one that doesn’t. And all vigorously enforce their immigration laws (except for America). Go try and find a ‘sanctuary city’ or ‘sanctuary state’ in Mexico. ha. There’s a reason for that. Sovereign nations protect those who live legally within their national boundaries and protect those who wish to enter their homeland through a civilized and legal means.

    I laugh at these hypocrites who claim to be pro-immigrant. They couldn’t care less about the millions of prospective immigrants who desire to play by the rules of a civilized and sovereign nation by filling out the proper paperwork, paying their fees, taking their tests, submitting to background investigations, taking exams for medical clearances and waiting in line for a chance at the PRIVILEGE of coming to America and seeking a better life. Since the 15 to 25 million illegal aliens who demonstrated no respect for our laws occupy our nation – there is no room for the obedient immigrants who play by the rules and are put on hold for 10 years or more. The illegals stole their jobs and their places in our society. Thus, lawbreakers get rewarded and respectful immigrants get punished. And this is what our newfound intelligentsia in the ivory towers promote! lol. Selective anarchy. Don’t enter my home illegally but feel free to break into the country and use the nation’s resources at will. ha.

    I speak from a point-of-view of rational and logical thought. Those with sheepskins tacked up all over their walls speak from emotion and hysteria and injustice.

    Our educational system has truly failed us. More symptoms of the decline of a great civilization.

  • verifiedsane

    Evelyn Valdez-Ward stole an education from the American tax payers…she should be arrested…forced to pay back every cent of these monies to the tax paying and law abiding citizens of American, and then expeditiously be deported to her country of origin…what we have here, is just another coddled open borders liberal PhD and criminal who can’t even make the simplest discernment between a documented legal immigrant, and a law breaking illegal alien.

    DACA was an executive branch over reach and was only an ill-fated delay related to the enforcement of our laws…this illegal action undertaken during the last failed administration; attempted to create a political backdoor to get around our well defined immigration laws and the enforcement of those laws. Time has come to end this assault upon the rule of law and our nations sovereignty. End DACA, and enforce our immigration laws now.