• Carrie Watkins

    Looks like the “Independent Auditor” just got “zinged” by the Zenger!!! I agree, this piece reads like an Info Ad for the board or worse, himself!!! This is not a true “opinion” white paper. Before sending out this “fluff” piece, the Auditor-Controller should ensure that he has adequately proofed “his opinion “ for facts and punctuation, because not all funds as stated are coming from the General Fund.

  • David Zenger

    Sounds like a commercial. Rather than just reading a recitation of some numbers, the taxpaying public might like to know how effectively the money is spent.

    “We are fortunate that our taxpayers are able to help provide funding for services to those most in need. And our office remains committed to ensuring your taxpayer dollars are spent with the utmost concern for accountability and transparency.”

    So how about a description of how the Auditor, exactly, is going to ensure “our” taxpayer dollars are going to be spent with accountability.

    The County just bought an old piece of real estate for $7..8 million with no explanation to the public about the inevitable rehab/ADA will costs, what the running costs will be, and what value of the real estate will be in, say, fifteen or twenty years – a period of time in which the County could have leased space, avoided unionized maintenance costs and ending up with a useless, dilapidated structure.

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