Voice of OC Stands Apart Pioneering a Community-Geared News Business Model


Brandon Pho.

Voice of OC is built from the ground up to help Orange County residents hold their local government accountable and enhance local quality of life.

No other media reliably does so.

Like an In-N-Out Burger stand, our business model is clear and lean.

We deliver our readers strongly-sourced and documented nonpartisan news stories cover local government with a focus on enhancing community quality of life along with arts and culture issues…delivered fresh to your inbox every day.

It’s also daily news coverage that isn’t afraid of standing up to local officials or special interests, with a specialty on real time, investigative journalism focused on Orange County.

Over the last decade, we’ve found that kind of journalism really puts local residents in a position to make a difference in their own communities.

We can do this because our business is funded through donations from individuals and foundations.

We don’t depend on advertisers or major corporate sponsors.

Most importantly, at Voice of OC every donation goes directly to sustaining and expanding our news coverage.

Yet we can only do all this with your support.

During these challenging times, when independent, accurate and timely information about your local community is more important than ever – you can make a huge difference in the future of Orange County by stepping up as a donor.

Since the Coronavirus pandemic struck, followed by the BLM protests, our readership has exploded – from about 150K monthly visitors to as much 1.6 million.

Our small staff of editors, reporters, photographers and digital staff have been there for Orange County, every day for three straight months, documenting the pandemic and protests.

All without a paywall.

Yet it’s not free to produce.

Today, there’s a growing community of more than 1500 small, Voice of OC donors in Orange County who get it.

Consider joining them.

Help us build the local newsroom of the future.