Voice of OC Brings You All Sides and the Facts, Setting the Stage for Healthy Debate of Local Issues


The entrance to Wilson Elementary school in Santa Ana on July 12, 2020.

Voice of OC is front and center each day, offering readers front row seats to a host of debates about the future of Orange County.

We believe strongly in delivering nonpartisan and factual news stories to your inbox every day so that you can be informed and take charge of protecting your family’s quality of life.

And it’s working.

Take our stories on education boards recommending when and how to reopen schools.

We’ve documented each step of education in the time of COVID-19, from the lockdown onset to the county board’s recent consideration of what guidelines to suggest — coverage that now has more than 80,000 social media shares and comments.

Our coverage steers clear of offering opinion. But it does bring you the facts.

Our story cites the recommendations, related studies, experts and community members. And it includes a box with information on how to participate in the public meeting.

And our direct but balanced news coverage doesn’t stop there.

Just look at our stories in the past week on the name debate over John Wayne Airport, Coronavirus hospitalizations, veterans cemetery planning, government spending practices and youth sports guidelines.

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