Voice of OC Uses its Independence to Work for Orange County


The US flag was carried through the entire route of the 2020 Tet Parade in Garden Grove.

Orange County’s 3.1 million people have a more transparent government and better connected community thanks to the independent and reader-supported news team at Voice of OC.

Just in the past few weeks you have seen firsthand the direct results of our reporting:

  • The County of Orange is now using the state’s database of hospital-reported figures for COVID-19 hospitalizations after we reported on inconsistencies between the county’s previous report and the full database.
  • The community has been sharing and reacting to our stories documenting the tragedies and triumphs in arts organizations large and small amidst the Coronavirus. Our stories have brought into the light just how bad the arts economy is being impacted and how artists are using this time to reflect and create in new ways.
  • Voice of OC’s consistent reporting breaking down public health matters through daily stories and infographics has impacted the way the community understands Coronavirus trends. Educators, business owners, elected officials, employees and residents have all reached out to show appreciation for this critical information.
  • Our reporting on the economy is providing unique insights into the difficulties being faced by restaurants, businesses, food pantries and employees.
  • The County of Orange started releasing city-by-city COVID-19 confirmed cases after Voice of OC pushed on the issue for weeks. They also started posting estimated recovery data after repeated questioning.
  • We publish weekly stories with food pantry information to help people facing food shortages.

Keep in mind that we are doing ALL this work with a few people. Imagine what we could do if we also had your support in a recurring donation every month, quarter or year.

Please, take the time today to start your contribution to continue our pursuit for the truth.