Voice of OC is Your Lifeline in 2020, Triple Your Donation Now in Year-End Fundraiser

All throughout this unprecedented and tumultuous year, Voice of OC brings you the best local news on the pandemic, protests, economic collapse, wildfires and the election.

Without paywalls or ads.

Orange County’s only nonprofit newsroom has become a lifeline for many residents, delivering real facts in real time. And all this gets done every day, with just a handful of journalists.

  • We have the most comprehensive coverage of two blazing wildfires that threatened the homes of nearly 100,000 people.
  • We have the best insights, news and data on the most compelling election in decades.
  • We are your critical lifeline on COVID-19 — writing stories that help you make sense of the numbers and asking pointed questions of county officials.
  • We continue to document the economic collapse — gathering food bank information and telling the stories of people most impacted.

None of this is new.

Voice of OC has been here for you for more than a decade. But 2020 is different.

This year has demonstrated how essential uncompromising, nonpartisan local  journalism  is to your quality of life.

It puts you, the resident, in the drivers’ seat to help you protect your quality of life. 

Now, this year-end fundraising drive is when we need your support the most.