Dobken: Misleading Readers About Spent Nuclear Fuel Serves No Purpose

Securing a long-term solution to spent nuclear fuel storage has proved daunting in the U.S. Making the task more difficult is the amount of misinformation put forward by some regarding the nature of spent nuclear fuel and its storage. John Dobken, San Onofre nuclear plant public information officer, argues for a science and fact-based discussion of the issue.

Kriz: A terrible month, 32 Homeless Dead in September, Last Year There Were 10

Thirty two people “without fixed abode,” homeless, died in Orange County in September, 2020, last year there were 10. One of those who died last month was shot by police while jaywalking, and Operation Roomkey is shutting down, sending 500 homeless back to shelters or back onto the streets. Yet in the midst of this darkness there has been some light, some discussion about next steps. What the County needs, however, is much more than a few photons of hope.

Mosko: San Onofre Safety, Public Deserves The Facts, Not Promises

Nuclear safety advocates are right to question SoCal Edison’s decision to remove the cooling pools at the shuttered San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station. Edison should follow the example of the Swiss who have chosen to make safety the top priority in designing storage of highly radioactive spent nuclear fuel.