• Tony Flores

    With a right cross from Tracy Wood and an uppercut from Shirley Grindle, we still have a chance to knock out corruption in Orange County. Keep punching Ladies and thank you both!

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  • Bert Ashland

    Nice piece Tracy

  • John McDonald


  • Tracy Wood

    Thank you David, Shirley, astar2b and Kathleen. Yes, that was the most trusted man in America and he was a true class act. Appreciate the generous comments from all of you. Need to emphasize though, anytime I’d had too much, I could have gotten on a plane and left. Service members and civilians never could do that, no matter how awful things got for them.

  • Shirley L. Grindle

    Tracy – what a touching story. You are an incredible person and I look forward to working with you as we go forward to establish an Ethics Commission in Orange County that will for the first time enforce our ethics ordinances.

  • David Whiting

    Brave piece, and wasn’t that the most trusted man in America behind you in the photo of the largest glasses in America?

  • astar2b

    Excellent article!

  • Kathleen Tahilramani

    Tracy Wood – Thank You.