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  • OCservant_Leader

    Thanks Norberto for shedding light on the issue of the homeless who live AT the Civic Center.

    The issue highlights how blind the powerful OC elite have become. It’s appalling.

    The reason they are literally going in circles about the closed bus terminal across the street is its a toxic waste dump – not fit for human occupancy.

    How about the building Daly bought for 2 million at the civic center? Oops it’s also inhabitable.

    Does anyone else find this as odd?

  • I think your own periodical has written about the BOS’s latest action.


    The BOS voted to appropriate $4.2 for an Anaheim site and is currently planning our community outreach during our 90 day due diligence. A large part of the plan is to consider a one-stop multiple services center at the facility as well as a transportation plan with OCTA that will provide free trips between the various cities who have homeless populations and the facility.

    The Fullerton and Santa Ana sites failed. The political and community support was not secured during the process. When the community objections were raised the political support dried up. This time, I insisted that the Fullerton and Anaheim Councils both vote up or down (they voted up) and appropriate good faith monies to show their support (they did). Even Placentia voted to support but is not in a financial position to allocate funds. The $1 million from those cities is amazing and will go a long way to help.
    We have a lot of heavy lifting to do in order to determine if the Anaheim site is a workable and proper site for the first shelter during this process. The County and the Board are unanimously committed to this initiative.

    Todd Spitzer, Board of Supervisors

    • With all due respect, Supervisor Spitzer, your comments seem to indicate
      that the board will simply continue to ignore it’s own backyard at the
      civic center and do nothing about the abandoned bus shelter, despite last November’s vote. The best these folks can hope for is a bus ticket to
      Anaheim. True leadership…or lack thereof. When you say “heavy lifting” it sounds like it will be the residents of Anaheim who get to do that…

      • Quoting you: “Each supervisorial district – including the First District that includes the civic center – should have their own centers where people can access assistance.”
        I am doing just that. That area of Anaheim is in the 3rd District. That’s more progress than we have made from the inception.

        • Thanks for your insights and engaging! So if the Anaheim project is part of a regional strategy on the part of supervisors to setup a host of shelters across Orange County, where are the details on the other sites? The regional strategy? If residents in one neighborhood are asked to be hosts shouldn’t they know they are part of a real overall effort? Isn’t that kind of real information key to getting real community buy-in? Lastly, what’s the supervisors’ strategy for their own civic center? For the abandoned bus terminal across the street?

          • davidsonneborn

            Interesting exchanges between Santana and Spitzer. Let us hope that the bus terminal site will not once again be returned to oblivion/abandoned, Supervisor Spitzer and board members.

    • David Zenger

      Too bad that new Anaheim site is no where near any homeless population. Now you’ll create a permanent transportation problem, too, plus the obvious appearance of wanting to get the problem out of sight in an out of the way corner. I realize the point of this farce is to look like you’ve done something, but really, why the insistence on expensive real estate and rebuilding (other than to look good)?

      I’ll quote Norberto, too:

      “The reality is, we need a series of triage centers.

      Places that can quickly identify a person with mental issues, and get them help. Identify a person on hard luck, and turn them around. Allow a person who’s fallen through the cracks to just sleep soundly, get a shower and get a fresh start.”
      And none of this needs a permanent shelter,
      The bald fact is that a permanent structure is just a symbol of one’s alleged commitment to a problem, not the solution to the problem.
      “Heavy lifting?” Are we supposed to help the homeless with clichés?

  • KateD

    These five individuals are most assuredly the most corrupt, lazy, false and despicable excuses for leadership, not to mention humanity, I have seen since Bush and Cheney. I would ask how they sleep at night, but we all know it is in their lovely home.

  • Paul Lucas

    They should see about putting a shelter at the Great Park site in lieu of a Cemetery. The Chinese buyers dont want o stay next to Dead Vets lest see how they feel about live ones