• R M

    Is it one cent per transaction or 1%?
    Either way, I can only wonder how the poor folks on fixed income will take it when they show up at the 99 cent store, and realize stuff is a bit more expensive. Poor folks realize it more so than others because they live in tiny apartments on a tight budget, and can’t afford to store stuff typically bought in bulk to get savings. They don’t shop online as much, so they are hit harder on cent based transaction taxes. 1% is even worse as it is cumulative on every dollar you spend, not just a penny added at the end of the reciept.

    I wouldn’t mind the tax if Mayor Rice and team were not abusing the system by building up an all new glass police building with a 5(?) level parking structure, and the fancy Rose center, on financing, then claiming we have no money to pay for it.
    First priority is schools, hospitals and fire equipment and personnel. 2nd libraries and police. Your schools are basically extended with modular mobile structures. Your library has fewer books and seating AFTER remodeling, and no extra parking.

    You are basically throwing away money on useless pet projects and glamorous buildings while reducing city services. I get it, you have developer friends in contracting companies that you need to pay back for keeping your job.

  • David Zenger

    “Darn it, we’ve got to do something,” Rice said. “I lived here when [Westminster] was under the county, and it’s pathetic not to have any services and have to depend on a county government.”

    Um, Margie, Westminster was incorporated…60 freakin’ years ago. How about doing your constituents a favor and calling it a day?

    • ContinentalDrifter

      Because you risk another Diep taking her place. We need younger people like Rice who are there to contribute to improving the long-term future of their city rather than their own political future. I applaud Margie for her decades of service and hope she will have a worthy successor when she is ready to retire.

      • David Zenger

        Don’t you a see any sort of cause and effect relationship between Ms. Rice’s “decades of service” and Westminter’s current predicament?

        She was brought out of “retirement” in 2012 simply as an unoffensive placeholder. And she’s still there as each year the city’s protracted crisis just got worse.

        I think she’s ready for another retirement.

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  • Ed Romero

    I don’t live in Westminster but when the City of Stanton asked the voters to increase the sales tax, the Lincoln Club came after us. The Lincoln Club should of said something when all the Drug Dealing, Marijuana Smoking, Cocaine Snorting GOP Racist Lesbians were running the Probation Department and the County of Orange. Spending the Taxpayers money, hiring and promoting all those Drug Abusers and that includes that former Chief Probation Officer, who’s only qualification to be installed as a Judge, then as Chief Probation and finally as Director of Health was that she sent ARMED

  • kburgoyne

    I grew up in Westminster and have lived, by far, the better part of my 50+ years in Westminster.

    The most responsible approach is definitely to make it temporary and that has nothing to do with my own person concerns. I could easily live with a permanent 1% increase, but it is true it can be a mild deterrent to outsiders doing business in the city. Getting people from outside the city to help fund the city’s services is always the desirable approach. If Anaheim did things properly they’d be sitting really sweet by funding more services using tourist dollars rather than residents’ dollars.

    The fact Westminster locked-in lower property taxes than the rest of the county is something that “preferably” should be undone to restrore parity, but not viable.

    Selling stuff off which pays for itself is short-term thinking stupidity. If the water is paying for itself then selling it off just means a fixed amount of short term money in exchange for an long-term permanent loss of control over costs.

    Consolidating building space is certainly reasonable, but it shoudn’t lead to any building sell offs. Again that’s short-term thinking stupidity. The city should look to lease out any spare building space.

    What has been the review of the parking enforcement mercenaries the city hired?

    Using OC Sheriffs is something other cities have done (for good or bad), and thus should be reasonably easy to evaluate using real data.

    In the longer term more should be done to responsibly analyze what can be done to turn more of Little Saigon into more of a tourist destination and bring in dollars from outside the city — primarily because it’s the best thing Westminster has for this purpose.