• Cynthia Ward

    When is this expected to come to City Council? This year they pushed the meeting off to a week AFTER the holiday. Could it have been more perfect than to discuss the Angels’ opposition to development of OUR parking lot at a meeting the day after Labor Day? Maybe LT should hire Charles Black.

  • I’m sure Tustin Councilmen Chuck Puckett and John (ima slime) Nielsen are salivating at this news. I’m sure they think they are one step closer to getting a ball team at the Legacy…..

  • buzzookaman

    put up solar panels everywhere and any shadow cast on said panels will force by laws alraedy on the books the project to move

  • JS

    According to the letter:

    “To be clear, Angels Baseball is not taking a position at this time with regards to the LT Global proposal,”

    Angels is simply only concerned with “environment.”

    LOL. They are so full of crap I am gasping for air laughing.


  • JS

    1) The area to be developed its a vacant industral site which has been an eyesore for many years. LT already purchased the land, if not allowed to develop, it will continue to be an eyesore for another couple of decade.

    2) It will be a high end plaza which LT estimates will generate $5 million annually in property, sales and hotel taxes, and $3 million would go to schools. It will also raise the surrounding property value and provide great amenities to residents. However yes it will increase traffic in the area.

    3) Lets get real here, Angels could not care less about the environment. This is a last ditch effort to kill the project. Angels owner Moreno wants to develop the area himself to profit from it. He wants to keep the area blighted so he can get it free from the taxpayers of Anaheim. He has been wanting to “lease the stadium’s parking lot for $1 annually over 66 years for development of his own commercial project.”

    • LFOldTimer

      Arte sounds like Goldman Sachs material.

      I’m surprised Hillary hasn’t hired him as a consultant.

      • Philmore

        Like the guy in the old shaver commercial, perhaps Arte’s already a GS customer. Doubt he could “buy the company” though.

  • LFOldTimer

    Pro sports are no different than the Wall Street banks. Crony capitalism at it’s finest.

    If I had my way pro sports would be banned until they agreed to play strictly by the rules of free enterprise.

    I bet if there was a way to measure the median IQ of those who attend Angel’s games on a routine basis it would fall in the 80-90 range.

    • Philmore

      And those who approve their taxpayer subsidies struggle to achieve a FRACTION of that score !

  • David Zenger

    “The Angels and the public simply do not have enough information to fairly evaluate the impacts of this project.”

    Oh, dear me. The Angels are worried about the public not having enough information? The irony is rich.

    • Philmore

      Sounds like a need for a “Public Workshop” ! Was it ever disclosed which landfill now holds the “input” from the LAST “Public Workshop” ??? I bet Jimmy Hoffa is the curator.

      • David Zenger

        The Alpha Olinda Landfill is chock FULL of OC Environmental Impact Reports. There is no room for that other stuff.

  • LFOldTimer

    What hubris!

    The Angels are fighting Oakland for the cellar in the American League West standings w/ a .444 win percentage. ha.

    How do they muster the courage to dispute or appeal anything?

    If I sat on the Anaheim council I would send Arte and the entire team to the shower room one final time!

    You’re outta here!

  • RyanCantor

    Can we get an environmental impact study of the harm caused by the Angels absolutely sucking?

    Hey Dennis– mind your team. Maybe a little less meddling in city affairs and a little more focusing on what people actually pay your organization for. You know, decent baseball.

    • David Zenger

      The Angels organization’s obvious lack of experience in this realm is really showing. Appealing a decision that is going to the Council anyway?

      Looks like PringleCorp is digging in at the plate.

      • RyanCantor

        You mean the same people who are constantly complaining about CEQA reform are now using the EXACT SAME RULES to delay projects they didn’t get a payout on?

        No. That’s simply cynical for the sake of being cynical. They would never put their own wallets in front of another’s legitimate property rights . . . would they?