• BeeBee.BeeLeaves

    And wasn’t this redistricting push one of the discussions in the hacked DNC emails?

  • Jane Rands

    Noticeably abscent from Mr. Shenkman’s list of successes in OC is Fullerton. Representing Kitty Jaramillo, Mr. Shenkman was able to achieve a settlement with the City of Fullerton who’s Council agreed to put the question of district elections and a set of district boundaries before Fullerton Voters this November.

    But the devil being in the details, it all soon turned bad…very, very bad.

    Just where those boundaries would be drawn was heavily gamed by OCCCO, who organized a push for a cleverly drawn map (map 2b) with no room to compromise, even with others supporting district elections. The adamant approach backfired and triggered a last ditch City Council action nearly undoing any good to be gained by a change from at-large to by-district elections.

    At Mayor Fitgerald’s prompting, hired demographer, David Ely, drew boundaries to divide the downtown Fullerton (DTF) neighborhoods into five separate districts (map 2c). Suprisingly, Jeremy Popoff, Lit guitarist and owner of the rowdy Slide Bar in DTF took a queue from this division and hired his own demographer to draw another map to divide DTF into five easy pieces (the infamous map 8a).

    This pleased the hostile City Council immensely who then unanimously twice approved (second public hearing court ordered) the bar owner’s map.

    What Fullerton is now left with is a choice to approve District Elections with a map that qualifies as the worst, most obvious gerrymander in the OC. Hats off to the Fullerton City Council for really messing up a good thing – I would not expect any less from that lot.

    Sorry Mr. Shenkman, we (Fullerton) had to be the exception in a bad way. Here’s to you continuing to fight the good fight. We’re counting on you, man.