Join the Fight for More Accountable Government

Who says you can’t fight city hall?

We do it every day. And we want you to join in.

These pages are dedicated to the First Amendment rights of all Orange County residents. We hope you will find inspiration and even a few good tips on how to make your government work for you instead of against you.

Read us everyday and you’ll find real-time examples of our public record fights and profiles of people who have successfully used state and federal open government laws to get information that is lawfully theirs.

We’ve partnered with Terry Francke and his organization, CalAware. Francke, one of the state’s preeminent open government experts, will share his expertise and answer your questions on a weekly basis.

You’ll how the state’s open records laws entitle you to much more information than governments voluntarily offer. And you’ll see how the Brown Act opens doors to the public that some would like to keep closed. We’ll tie you into the many organizations that can aid your efforts to uncover the truth.

So jump into the trenches with us.

Email us at info@voiceofoc.orgwith your questions, your war stories and your tips.

And if you or someone you know is fighting the good fight on behalf of democracy, let us know. “By the people and for the people” means that we all have to get involved and we all have to stand up and correct government when it makes a mistake.

— Voice of OC


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