A Cost Accounting of the Newport Beach Civic Center

Current estimates for the total cost of the Newport Beach civic center project range from $100 million to $128 million, according to City Manager Dave Kiff.

As I reported earlier, city council Tuesday gave the go ahead for early work on the project at Avocado Avenue and MacArthur Boulevard. Plans for the new civic center include a new city hall, expansion of the central library, an espresso bar, a disaster preparedness room and a dog park.

About $6 million is slated to be spent over the next three to four months as dirt excavation gets underway. Another $16.5 million will be spent over the next 30 months to prepare construction documents and major bid packages.

To date, $6 million has been spent on soil studies, an environmental impact report and design of the center.

The city will draw $27 million it has in its facilities replacement fund to pay for the early work. The project will ultimately be funded through bonds the city will float beginning in the fall.



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