A New Polling Partnership in Town

We’re excited to announce that Voice of OC is partnering with one of most experienced local pollsters around, Adam Probolsky, to launch a series of public policy and election polls looking at races and issues across the county.

Our first joint Voice of OC/Probolksy Research polling project should go live later this month.

I’ve known Adam – a prominent Republican central committee member – for years and respect his polling work as well as his insights on the mechanics of politics. He’s been active in the trenches of local politics since he was kid and has a real appreciation for the nuts and bolts of public agencies across Orange County.

He’s got a great team of professionals at his firm and we expect the partnership to yield some great numbers and stories. One key difference that you’ll notice between our reporting on polls and how its been done traditionally is that we will not only make the front-end numbers of the poll available, but also the backend.

This is one example of how we offer residents as well as policymakers real-time intelligence on government. There will be many others.