Digging Deep into Sheriff’s Race Poll

Here’s a few interesting tidbits from what political insiders call the cross-tabs of the Voice of OC/Probolsky Research poll on the Sheriff’s race. Cross tabs are the details behind the main poll numbers that are rarely seen by the public, but keep strategists up all night.

Here’s our take on what popped out. Take a look and feel free to send me your insights. nsantana@voiceofoc.org

  • Sandra Hutchens is most popular among Democratic voters (35.5 percent) and Democratic women (38.9 percent)
  • Bill Hunt is most popular among Republican voters (16.9 percent) and amongst older Republicans (19.8 percent)
  • Craig Hunter was most popular with decline to state voters (15.2 percent), followed by Democrats (8.2 percent)
  • The age gap: Hutchens support is most solid with older voters over 65 (31.7 percent) while Hunter was more popular with younger voters (14.6 percent). Hunt was fairly even across age groups.
  • In terms of geographic areas of support, Hutchens was most popular in the third Supervisorial district that runs from Yorba Linda to Irvine (31.1 percent). Second came her home fifth district in South County.
  • Hunter was strongest in central orange county’s first district (15.9 percent). His second strongest area was north county’s fourth district (13.2 percent).
  • Hunt was strongest in South County (13.7 percent) followed by the third district.