Drilling Down: What’s in a Name?

I perused the data behind the Voice of OC/Probolsky Research poll on the race for county treasurer-tax collector and found an interesting difference in the candidates preferred by women and men.

Most men and women were equally unsure whom to support, but among those who did make a choice, Patrick Desmond, who also ran last time, had the most support from men (10.4 percent) and the least from women (6.4 percent).

David Lang, on the other hand, drew the support of 4.5 percent of the men and 7.6 percent of the women. The other two candidates had about equal male and female support.

It’s not likely the differences came from something the candidates said because there has been very little campaigning by anyone in the race.

So, what was the attraction — something about how names will be listed on the ballot? Desmond, who works days in the county Assessor’s office and also teaches managerial accounting classes at Fullerton College, is listed on the ballot as Auditor/College Professor. Perhaps men like college professors more than women do.

But women seem to prefer community college trustees as evidenced by the support they gave Lang, who appears on the ballot as Trustee, South Orange County Community College District. Meanwhile, none of the likely male voters age 55 and over supported Lang.

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