Like Giving an Alcoholic Some Booze to Pass On

Frustrated by the constant deficits coming out of the state, County Supervisor John Moorlach wants to see if the county can start pushing the state out of the way when it comes to administering federal funds.

“I’d like to do it as a insurance policy in case the state implodes,” Moorlach said.

Nearly three-quarters of the county’s budget comes from Washington, D.C. for a slews of health and social welfare programs. And every dollar the feds send has to first go up to Sacramento.

That’s a bit like giving an alcoholic some booze to pass on, goes Moorlach’s thinking.

“Can we just pick up the ball and say to DC, hey just send the check to us,” said Moorlach to the county’s federal lobbyist this week during a legislative update. He noted that the County of San Bernardino is already looking into this option.

“What do we need Sacramento for?” Moorlach asked aloud.