The Mysterious (and Expensive) Search for a Conflict in Yorba Linda

Yorba Linda Mayor John Anderson delivered a cryptic message at Tuesday’s City Council meeting. He said the city has run up a $9,600 legal bill trying to determine if “a particular council member” has a conflict of interest.

No names were mentioned and no further explanation offered.

After the meeting Anderson, an assistant district attorney, told Voice of OC that he couldn’t divulge the name of the council person or provide other details. However, he said, part of the reason for the legal bill is that council policy allows members to ask the city attorney for advice if they are concerned they may have a conflict of interest.

And, he said, if the council member “disagrees” with whatever the city attorney says, he or she can ask for a separate opinion from California’s Fair Political Practices Commission.

Requests for advice sent to the Fair Political Practices Commission are public record, said Executive Director Roman Porter. So, we’ve filed a public records request and we’ll let you know what we learn.