Topeka Out Googles Fullerton and Mission Viejo

Topeka, Kansas wants to win the Google high-speed internet connection contest so badly, it changed its name for a month to ‘Google.’ Google today returned the favor by calling itself ‘Topeka’ as an April Fools Day joke.

At this point it definitely looks like Topeka wants it worse than Fullerton and Mission Viejo, which, as I reported this week, are also in the contest.

The Mountain View, Ca. company says it has a new internet connection system that is far faster than most current cable or telephone dsl lines. And it needs a group of cities with between 50,000 and 500,000 people to be guinea pigs.

To win, cities also must demonstrate that residents support the project. That means no lawsuits or other wrangling over tearing up streets to install Google’s Fiber for Communities Program.

Both Fullerton and Mission Viejo fall within the population range and last month their city councils voted to send in applications.