‘We Don’t Want Rebar Sticking Out for Next Nine Years’

The developer of a vacation timeshare at Anaheim’s Garden Walk was ordered to take down — or at least disguise — spikes of rebar sticking out of a parking garage addition since it might be more than a decade before the project is done.

Financing problems caused by the poor national economy are to blame for the delay in construction of an 866-room luxury hotel complex and separate 400-unit vacation timeshare. The adjacent projects are about a block east of Disney’s California Adventure theme park, and the rebar can be seen from various points in the park.

Construction was supposed to begin in 2012 but the new schedule could mean the projects aren’t finished until after 2020.

“We don’t want rebar sticking out of the side of the building for the next nine years,” Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle told city planning staff at a recent city council meeting.

Four projects several blocks to the east of the Garden Walk, in the area Anaheim calls its Platinum Triangle, have also been given construction extensions in recent months because of the economy, according to discussion

City planners will work with the developer, who did not send a representative to the council meeting. The council will review staff decisions next month.



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