Campaign Cash Reports: Sheriff’s and Treasurer’s Races

Candidates in the June 8 primary were required to file campaign reports by yesterday for all money raised and spent as of May 22. Here are the numbers turned in by candidates for Orange County sheriff and treasurer/tax collector.

The sheriff candidates:

  • Incumbent Sandra Hutchens reported raising $221,150, including $99,709 in loans. She spent $392,556.86. She has $36,115.19 in cash and $157,388.79 in outstanding debts, including a total of $99,879 she loaned her campaign.
  • Craig Hunter, the deputy chief of police in Anaheim, has raised $98,662, including $17,500 in loans he made to his campaign. He spent $181,502.87. He reports cash of $6,798.37 and outstanding debts of $82,117.50.
  • Bill Hunt, a former sheriff’s deputy, raised $115,882.29 and spent $118,308.28. He ended the reporting period with $22,819.04 in cash and no debt.

Treasurer/tax collector candidates:

  • Huntington Beach Treasurer Shari Freidenrich raised $85,806.09, including $54,000 in loans she made to her campaign. She spent, as of May 22, $83,697.68 and reported a cash balance of $29,828.91 and outstanding debts of $81,720.50.
  • CPA David Lang received $118,300.22 and spent $108,835.15. His contributions included loans totaling $102,073.08 he made to his own campaign. He ended the reporting period with cash of $17,448.76 and outstanding debts of $110,056.66.
  • Deputy Treasurer Keith Rodenhuis raised $9,690.00 and spent $34,109.78. His ending cash balance was $422.20, and campaign debts totaled $25,041.98.