Immigration Back as an Election Issue from Costa Mesa to Sacramento

Yet more evidence that immigration is back as an election issue in 2010.

On Tuesday, the Costa Mesa City Council, at the behest of Mayor Allan Mansoor, passed a resolution stating that Costa Mesa is a “Rule of Law” city.

While it’s uncertain what kind of real policy changes that will produce in a police department on the verge of major cuts, the apparent message to the voting public is that the city does not condone illegal immigration.

From yesterday’s Register story on the topic:

Mansoor said the city needs to do more to tackle the issue, including taking a look at whether police officers can do more to check immigration statuses of unlicensed drivers. In past years, the city has targeted day laborers and pushed for its police officers to enforce federal immigration laws.

It should also be noted that Mansoor is a candidate for California’s 68th Assembly District. And the last time he made this big of a deal out of immigration was when he was running for a second term as mayor in 2006.

Turning toward the governor’s race, a new poll by the Public Policy Institute of California shows that Whitman’s 50-point lead in the GOP primary for governor has plummeted to 11 points. A big reason for the drop: her opposition to the Arizona immigration law.

From today’s Los Angeles Times:

Her opponent Steve Poizner’s attack on her as being too liberal on illegal immigration lacked traction for weeks, then found footing with the passage of a tough new Arizona law that Whitman opposed.



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