Mission Viejo Group ‘Suburban Political Terrorists,’ Says Ex-Mayor

Ex Mission Viejo Mayor Lance MacLean wrote a fiery email in response to my story on a Mission Viejo grassroots group formerly known as the Committee for Integrity in Government.

MacLean was recalled earlier this year in an election organized by members of the group, who say they fight for fiscal responsibility and limited government.

From MacLean’s email:

What this group and/or individuals really are is suburban political terrorists. Terrorists aren’t just military they are also psychological. They reduce confusing complexities to easy sound bites, which they dishonestly hail as “truths.”

These individuals are powerless and insecure so their sense of purpose and direction has been to try to gain a majority on the city council. However, their exploits time and again expose their intolerance and insecurity to any ideology, which varies from their own.

What has this group of individuals really accomplished since 2000? They hail as their greatest service to the public by disagreeing over the purchase of a $6,000 city manager desk and the city’s owner participation agreement with the Audi dealership.

So their hatred of me personally and their petty financial fear mongering has resulted in this group of individuals wasting close to half a million dollars of Mission Viejo taxpayers monies for an unnecessary recall election ($287,000), a bogus zoning initiative ($200,000) and successfully recalling a fiscal conservative republican only to have that council seat filled by a democrat.

Well played, bravo!