No Call for Apology from County CEO

An expected confrontation between Orange County CEO Tom Mauk and Orange County Employees Association General Manager Nick Berardino never materialized on Tuesday because Mauk didn’t attend the supervisors’ meeting.

Last week, Mauk said he would call for a public apology from Berardino after District Attorney Tony Rackauckas’ inquiry cleared Assessor Webster Guillory of any criminal wrongdoing regarding tax collections or a computer upgrade.

Mauk said Berardino’s call for an investigation was premature. Berardino said he did not regret raising concerns and did not owe an apology.

I have not had a chance to talk with Mauk about why he missed the meeting. And it is unclear whether he will ask for the apology at a later date.

The controversy was alluded to at the meeting by county Supervisor John Moorlach, who said from the dais that it was a “little disappointing to see a fine assessor like Webster Guillory … to be besmirched the way he was.”